Saturday, July 19, 2008

mingkee ♥ stars :)

i realise most of the aussie post is so lack of may face. haha . cannot lidat wan since i camwhore so many d. my blog ma. so must have my pic de lo ;)

:: mingkee @ airport ::

:: mingkee vs poodle ::

:: mingkee vs care bearS ::

:: mingkee care bear ::

:: mingkee vs mercats ::

:: my sis ^^ ::

:: my sis ^^ my cousin ::

:: billy si ^^ ::

:: moo moo cow jian yuan ^^ ::

:: billy ^^ joel ::
p.s. : no i'm NOT drinking. i'm pouring for ppl to drink oni.

:: mingkee ♥ stars ::

:: mingkee ♥ rainbows ::

:: mingkee ♥ camwhoring :) ::


:: mingkee ♥ food :):):) ::


since i'm in a quite bad mood now, i'll post sth that makes me happy -- sweet food :)

Greco is a Greek shop who sells all sorts of "sweets" or in our term, desserts.
their cakes and other tit bids are seriously magnificent :):):)

their outlet in crown casino, looks like this :

seriously even by looking at this stall i will get sugar high be happy. its so colourful and attractive. omg. all the sweets looks damn nice i wonder if i will eat it if i ever buy it.

:: closer look ::

:: side look ::

okay. now its time for nearer pics of the sweets.
i'm not sure wat is inside since i did not taste them but i'll try by best to explain it.

:: yoyo :: fruit cake ::

yoyo is the name for any sweets that has two pieces of butter biscuits one on top and one below the sweet. the fruit cake is obviously a strawberry one and i bet those strawberries lovers would love a bite of it.

:: rum balls ::
its chocolate coated outside, and i think there should be rum flavored filling.

i love fruit tarts but dislike those stingy bakery that is so kiam of their fruit. but this is certainly a piece i like, so full of fruits, with a thin layer of jelly on it.

for chocolate lovers. haha. its a chocolate heaven here.
"let chocolate be your salvation." -- san churros.

for fruit lovers like me ^^ tempted to eat or not? by now my mood has already turn good by looking at these pics. haha.

:: rocky road ::
this is the name for the chocolate cake with mashmellow inside and outside and all over. its quite a famous recepie in aussie like the sponge cake in malaysia. u can get it everywhere but all taste different.

:: lemon vs hazelnut ::

:: brownies? ::

whatever those are, i certainly don't mind eating them :):):)

okay. after the long story. so wat my sis got for me i get to eat?

the most basic yoyo. due to financial constrain -___-
those who say money cannot buy happiness have not seen/eaten these sweets before. hmph.

however, i was damn happy already that my sis buy this for me :):):) damn nice okay.

happily imagining my self eating it again ^^

Friday, July 18, 2008

welcome :)

the new family member. thx mr yong :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Benson is my primary class mate's brother. also my sister's primary class mate who is currently staying in melb.

knowing i'm there and to thank me for helping him get some stuffs from malysia, he decided to treat us one nice meal -- at his house. and i ave to admit, he is a damn good cook. seriously.

look at his kitchen:

:: the flavoring(s) ::

:: the cooking nga bou lan chan utensils ::

and his fridge :

and his cook books :

so u can imagine wat kind of food he can produce. haha.

this :

is our meal. served properly with serviettes and fork and spoons nicely arranged in his house's dining table. haha.

thx for the super nice mean benson ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

food in melb =)

back from aussie :)

the food here are much more tastier :)
since i took so many food pics when i'm aussie
this post is to intro the "special" food in aussie.

1. Lord of the fries
its actually typical australia fries but topped with special sauce the make the fries much more nicer. i tried quite a number of flavors but not all i took pic coz too busy eating :) i also tried ther mini nuggets bbut it was not as nice.

the logo:

the menu :

the fries:

:: italian ::

:: asian ::

:: french canadian [this is the BEST :) ] ::

2. Donuts

Spanish Donuts

the dount is long in shape and is usually to be enjoyed with ice cream, chocolate dip, caramel dip, or just with icing sugar. may look very normal but its damn nice especially eaten with choc dip in san churros :):):)

American [Jam] Donuts

its cheap and nice. i dunno why is it nice, but its nice :)

and other worth mentioning donut in aussie includes the well known Krispy Kreme. i dun have a pic of that coz i ate it before i remember that i should take a pic of it -___-

3. Grill'd Burger
its the biggest burger i've ever seen. i think kian loong might wanna try it :p

i had a very hard time finishing my whole burger. and it has got onions and stuffs i dunno inside. its really huge.



4. Choc Mud Cake

its from a famous cafe that i 've forgotten its name but this cake sure taste nice and heavenly with the fruits around :)

5. Home Made Pasta
the pasta is made by my dearest cousin, mindy yu in order to clear the fridge since they are moving.

ALL edible ingredients left in the fridge were added into the tomato pasta sauce and a load of pastas were cook and topped with the sauce made. no comments on the taste. HAHA!!!

i've really tried my best in finishing the pasta. sorry to disappoint u. i know u will understand. hahaha.

6. Western Food
Nth much bout them as its almost similar to those served here except its portion its way bigger and they serve PORK eveywhere :)

:: ribs ::

:: nachos ::

:: pasta ::

7. Dim Sims
we call it DIM SUMs here but they call its DIM SIMs there. and eating dim sim there they term it as "yum cha". haha. how different. and their dim sims are also bigger in size.

:: big siu mais ::

even the animals in the din sim shop is big.

as big as my head.

8. Vietnamese Food
Viet food is not really popular here in malaysia. but its quite popular in aussie.

:: the popiah ::
taste like any unfried-and-wrapping-lots-of-vege-inside popiah.

:: mee soup ::
taste like mee soup :)

9. Pancakes
the pancakes there are huge as well. and much more creative and variety compare to malaysia's. sorry i never got hold of any pancake pics as we were all too eager to whack it.

oni a pic of the finished plate was taken :)

10. Snack Box/Plates
the snack boxes in aussie is always some food matched with fries. even kfc have snacks box there and i simply love the kfc's snack box.

11. Gelati
the one i enjoyed most :)
they are not at all stingy in giving their gelati unlike malaysia gelati stalls that give u one cup means one cup ngam ngam oni.

sorry all pics of the gelati have my face coz i refuse to let go of the gelati, afraid that others might finish it. haha.