Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mini Burger :)

First post from my hp :) during lecture :) Haha.. So bored in lecture and only my mini burger teman me.. Jia you study la mingkee... 3 assignents due next week lo ..

And kendrick took my buger saying wanna pose with it.. Pose lidat d how i eat leh? -___-

Friday, April 25, 2008

pretty nails

wanna show off my pretty nails again ^^

nice leh. who needs mani and pedicure can come find me ^^

haha :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ultraman ^^

super surprise today, by this :

cute not cute not? **jumps around**

its ultraman sitting on TOILET BOWL, studying.

and of course, SWEATing.

haha!!! super cute okay. really damn damn damn cutie pie.

999 999 thank you to oj sim :)

u seriously surprises me since i hardly get any gifts from u even on special dates. thats y la. u dunno wat u've got till its gone. haha.

Monday, April 21, 2008


finally ~~~
the long awaiting baby of mine arrived :)

welcome my w910i in black !!!~~~

its from my sister actually. she subscribe some plan then get this phone for free. so i can't complain tis not bronze :/

but something is not right with this phone. not same with the ordinary malaysia w910i. spot the "difference".

wats that? snake?

its a "3" . i don't understand y i have to be there. the logo not nice also -___- summore wall paper screen saver themes all also got this logo.

nvm la. at least get new phone. and i have to send my darling samsung hp to aussie in exchange for this. so em se dak okay. sure will miss my darling samsung T.T

jie if u see this, dun take away my darling samsung la ~~~

gtg play with my 910i. ciao

Sunday, April 20, 2008

happy birthday cindy ^^

another birthday shoutout :) so many birthdays in a row. haha. almost all my weekends spend on birthday parties liao.

saturday was the 20th birthday for cindy megasari :)

she had her party at little taiwas @ ss15. ate the nite away as usual ^^

cindy, be happy always yea ^^


热情淡了吗 想抽身了吗 聊电话也泄气了吗
旧承诺应不假 却忍不到闷吧 惦记当天处处鲜花

互缠着到老 不死都疲劳 还是跟你痛快结束
为承诺守得到 拍拖都变义务 没法稀罕你这情操

去吧 犹如候鸟飞走吧 未奢想你迷途知返
自由来换失恋那代价 你真的相信值得吗

是我太过爱你 愿意放生你 无谓你抱阵我也这么的晦气
我亦算知丑 无谓强迫你 难道要我对着你句句要生要死

就当爱错了你 就当放生你 无谓你说话里有这么多怨气
我就放开手 无谓再忍你 明白放过你是放过自己这个道理

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


i'm always the unlucky one.

i know i'm already considered much more lucky than a lot of other VERY unlucky ppl, but i still can't help feeling unlucky.

from flu virus to computer virus to exam virus, i've got them all. the worst of them.

those who know me well sure know how bad i'm influenced by the flu virus. money and time spent to find the cure for this virus has cost us more than we can afford. but my mum is till trying very hard. she just don't want to see her daughter flooded by used tissues with mucus everyday.

of course i'm very grateful for my mum's effort but sometimes i really wanna tell her to just give up. there is no medication that she have came across that i haven't tried. no matter where is the source from, she just wanna give it a try, hoping that i will some how recover. especially everytime she return from china trip. somehow china ppl will findout she is looking for medicine to sure nose and they came up with numerous ways that my mum believed, or more accurately, my mum wanna to let me try.

as for computer virus, i think its from msn and friendster. now everytime i open my friendster, a porn site will open along -___- i'm not interested in porn loh. if edison chen or jay chou or wu zun or charmaine seah maybe la. but if its some random dunno who, then no need to show me k. not interested.

another pop up that i frequently get is the CiD: party poker. not interested also la. if wanna poker, come la we play real cash. online cash not nice enough, unless it can be used for online shopping :)

then somehow the computer virus manage to creep into all my pendrive and memory card. so now all my external memories got a extra folder, the name either copied from the initial folder, of it will just be named as "new folder". and i couldn't even reformat it. it just says that i'm not allowed to do so. i can't even conduct a virus scan. half way it will say "scan is aborted by user". sigh.

exam virus. everytime before exam my mood will be down into a super deep valley. especially after i failed my asr that time, i seems to be very frightened by 'exam'.

i studied as much as my brain could remember, i wrote as my hand and pen allows, but at last, when the results come out, it is unsatisfactory. why? i don't know. all i can say is that i did my best. please don't judge my stupidity based on my exam results. that a very bad measure. that the minimum i can achieve. seriously.

sigh. rantings over. i tried hard not to include a lot of ratings in my blog because i wan my blog to be a happy one but somehow its really hard for me to do so.

hope everybody's life is better than mine. good day to all.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

happy birthday peivoon dear ^^

celebrated peivoon's birthday yesterday at look out point's gasoline cae ^^

not long after kian loong fetched me from my house,me and alexis was hyped when we saw


and then met up with other five cars. led by yew koon's car, up we went. but it just had to rain when we reach -___-

nvm. still we celebrated happily ^^

i dunno what happened to my com but most pics taken were blur :(

^^ happy birthday peivoon ^^

:: key-shaped cake ::

:: the view ::

:: kailoon ^^ vivi ::

:: men in black-s ::

:: annie ^^ eng yoong ::

:: mingkee ^^ siauyi ::

:: aaron ^^ siauyi ::

:: mingkee ^^ ken ::

:: mah lat lou-s ::

:: happy family ::

:: vivi ^^ mingkee ^^ cindy ::

:: siewleng ^^ peivoon ^^ nuogeng ::

:: ken taking pic ::

:: kian loong wat u doing? -___- ::

:: ken u lau gai ah? ::

:: siew leng ^^ mingkee ::

:: ken loves cream ::

:: pv's turn for cream on face ::

then we headed to barcelona. more pics to come. too tired to post all.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

nails ~


one week holidays ^^

sound damn fun rite?

but two assignments to be passed up RIGHT after holidays and two more consecutively after. sigh.

but nvm.
better then the !@#$%^&* stressful exam time.

btw i bought a KONAD starter kit for myself.

look at my nails now :

damn messy. nvm. for first attempt this should be not bad d ^^

Monday, April 7, 2008


just had my law paper. i really studied for this paper but guess wtf happened?

i don't have enough time to do HALF of the paper !@#$%^&*


coz i focused on all the half mark question and ended up i got no time to do the 10 marks discussion question. ARGH!!!

seriously i need to take some time management course d.

hope my coming papers will be better la.

Friday, April 4, 2008

happy birthday kok wah ^^

not the tbs kok wah. its the g2 walls that kok wah.

we celebrated our boss's birthday @ summer steamboat. we were all required to wear red, but as usual, there will be some stubborn ppl who refuse to do as they were told. LOL.

pics in random order [to lazy to arrange]

all smile until damn min keung tired
coz the photographer not pro enough

elain : joe u eating KING'S ice cream ah~ ?

^^ pretties ^^

^^ we shared the same bed in genting ^^

^^ xiao lin ^^

^^ joe the aprilfool boy ^^

^^ all most of us ^^

:: matthew the long lost sabian ::

^^ stone the stoner ^^

very late d. upload more when i feel like uploading :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mingkee married?

i did my first april fool prank yesterday ^^ and mei backed me up.
i think we fooled bout 30 ppl. got?

haha ...

i announced that i'm getting engaged soon and getting married after i graduate.
and damn ...
so many ppl believed -___-

here are some questions i got :

(12:30 AM) * Oj -: huh
(12:30 AM) * Oj -: u married ?
(12:30 AM) * Oj -: who ?

(12:14 AM) ph.: haha
(12:14 AM) ph.: married to who?

(12:25 AM) (M)~thEaNy3w* ...: marry who?
(12:25 AM) (M)~thEaNy3w* ...: u siao r?
(12:29 AM) * mingkee *: y cannot?
(12:30 AM) (M)~thEaNy3w* ...: cannot la

(12:44 AM) *nafDavid: i'm getting married this year end =) <-- wif jay chau ?
(12:45 AM) * mingkee *: no la
(12:45 AM) * mingkee *: jay already married
(12:45 AM) * mingkee *: now second husband

u see ... all the close close friend ask also. zzz. u all dun know me enough la wei.
and bryan even put in his nick
Bryan: OMG, another young friend of mine is getting married....this is too much
and he later change it to
Bryan: congrats to mingkee
LOL ... sorry ppl. it was jsut a joke. pls forgive me whole heartedly. i don't want to have any bad karma :(

happy april fool's day ^^