Friday, October 30, 2009

bye viewty, hello crystal :)

i just looked at my expenses for this month, and i realise there is one thing i NEED to do.

to quit online shopping.

i spent >rm300 on online shopping and >rm200 on real shopping complex shopping and another >rm200 at pasar malam -___-

now this is causing me a big problem which is totally related to the huge purchase i'm going to make soon. and i seriously need to quit the habit of spending unnecessary money(s).


ok now i'm going to reveal my 2nd biggest purchase in my life so far:

::: LG Crystal Gd 900 :::

yes its another phone -.- i bought it because... because ... i really want a phone with wifi T.T

i sold off my viewty to a great buyer and then Oj top up a big chunk for this new prop of mine. am still not that famliar with it but so far i'm happy with all the functions i learn and i see :)


Thank God Its Friday !!!~~~ :p

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


omg its been so long.

i am in the mist of doing 2 of my biggest purchase in my life so far and one is done another pending.

i have been attending too many weddings and i'm too lazy to put any of the pics up -_-

and my recent activities revolves around movie and window shopping and other random stuffs.

and i have not been to much nice food places with a cam.

will update some pics if the connection if fast enough later.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mummy dearest :):):)

it was mummy's birthday. and we did a small celebration :)

^^ everyone singing loudly for mummy ^^

Mummy cutting her favorite White Chocolate Macadamia Cake :)


thx aunty chong for dropping by ;) we reeally appreciated it :):):)

u can surely tell they are sisters -.-
females from left: #7 #5 #4 #3 #1 #2 :)

Mummy, happy birthday. i really sincerely hope that u will be happy every single day :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gopeng - Intro

i just finish editing one batch of Gopeng Pictures exceptionally fast thanks to the batch editing function of photoscape & my super awesome Lumix-Lx3 ;):):)

my baby Lumix-Lx3 took pics that doesn't need much editing and photoscape's batch editing function helped added with frame and watermark of my signature real fast. but i did play around with some other photoscape functions and created some effect for some pictures that needed it ;)

we set off 4am thanks to cheh dong yue, and stopped at bidor for breakfast and then moved to Gopeng.

Traverse Tours was our agent and RiverBug's boys were in charge of our activities.

::: car-mates :):):)

::: my rm30 crocs ;):):)
was so grateful for my crocs. it made my all the activities easier for me ;):):)

::: imitating someone else's pose :p

::: lumix-lx3 so clear can even see my pores and my face hair LOL XD

On the way in:

::: Selamat Hari Raya pak cik ;):):)

::: don't play play ... the kampung houses got ASTRO wan leh ~

::: karaoke also got -___-

finally, we arrived at out 'resort' -- My Gopeng Resort.

::: our best-est meal :):):)

::: our transport from one place to another -.-
yes we have to stand on the lorry to be fetched from one waterfall/place to another. we will have to bend down shall there be any trees along the road that will hit our head. and its best to stand in between tall ppl ;p

::: our "resort" :::

::: nerdy worm -.-

::: our room :):):)

::: our Toilet ;):):)

::: our brushing teeth area ;):):)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


愛上一个人... 如此的甜蜜卻又讓人受傷害 ...
放棄一个人... 如此的難過卻又讓人心碎 ...

珍惜身旁的每一个人,不要等到失去了, 才瞭解到遺憾.和後悔是如此的痛苦....