Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre-Christmas Gift Exchange.

i'm so outdated in blogging. because i'm lazy.

this event happened on the 21st of december. its with my college mates aka LAMErs. and we named the party :
^^ Pre-Christmas Gift Exchange Partyyy ^^

::: my 2 man(s) of the day ^^ :::

there is only 3 things we do when we LAMEr(s) get together: drink ,talk.
but for this party, we added one more thing, that is to exchange gift :):):)

drinking. with the usual game. hahaha. our target was to make peivoon drunk, but with brian's bad skill, meiyee was the one kena most of the time. hahahhaha.

talking and laughing with each other is included here also. not forgetting making fun of ppl ;):):)

the two gays drunkardss. hahahha.
to dude: say bye bye to the image u THINK u have ;):):)

guan gong ga dou 关公驾到 ^^ LOL.

gift exchange :)
we only receive gifts on birthdays and usually we all share one present for one ppl. but this time, we have to buy present for the 'destinated' one.

and how can we not camwhore with our presents.

::: chan cal vin ^^ brian leong :::

::: dude slowly taking out his present ^^ yeew koon looking :::

::: annie ^^ eng-yooong ^^ alexiss ^^ cindy ^^ eongxien :::

::: meiyee with kianloong's bun ::: hahahahha.

::: vivi ^^ cindy ^^ mingkee ::: trying to rape a pink bear.

^^ me with my present ^^

that is not dude's present. its his 'best friend'. LOL. and ov with her present that is not clearly seen.

::: joe with his termos set :):) :::

::: meiyee with her necklace and mingkee kacau behind ;) :::

and we went back to drinking ...

and drinking ...

then drinking tea session ends the day :):):)

posing and swinging ...

laughing and stoning ...

watching and waiting ...

and lastly,

sleeping ... zzz...

Monday, December 22, 2008

curly hair or straight hair?

curly hair can make me more mature as i am joining the workforce already.
whereas straight hair is the hair i am born with.

if straight hair looks nicer on me, should i go straighten my hair?
or is it another "wtf your hair so straight d go straighten for wat la waste money only" from u?

btw the straight hair pic is the version of not straightened hair. but my hair doesn't look that neat all the time.

vote vote vote :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

badminton ^^

long time no play badminton d :)
so we asked munyee to book badminton hall at her house downstairs for us to play. hahahaha.

after finishing our shopping at pyramid, only few wanna join us for the healthy sport.

mk:" scare kena bully ler... all so geng :( "

mk:" u dun bully me ah chow siew ling~ " >.<

munyee getting ready :):):)

then start playingggg ....

siewling, brian leong, oj sim and joe playing.

then mk and my leh?

eating nyam nyam ^.^v nyeh nyeh nyeh~

aftetr that, from subang we go all the way doen to kuchai to eat .... yu tao mai lo wat else -.-

then someone suddenly crave for pearl milk tea. and its a thursday. pasar malam day :):):)
being so lucky, it started to rainonce we park our car, but die die also i wan my pearl milk tea. so we walked pasar malam under a big umbrella under the heavy rain.

mingkee ordering.

mr. and mrs leong. oops. i mean brian leong and mun yee ;):):)

dude and oj sim. stand under the rain also so hapy.

mingkee got time to pose summore.

they also wanna pose. hahhahaahaha.

watever pose is that la -____-

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy 21st birthday :):):)

to Hee Mun Yee @ 16/12 !!!~~~

to Tan Eong Xien @ 16/12 !!!~~~

and 22nd birthday to Tham Sook Huay @ 17/12 !!!~~~

we celebrated for them at Bar Celona sinc ethey have the rm1 per bottle promotion :):):)

picture time ^^

our birthday tradition :):):)

too bad 3 of them get to share 1 flamming. if not like kendrick that time then sure can kao tim them ;)

too lazy to upload all pics. click below to see the pics from facebook album :):):)
Bar Celona - part 1
Bar Celona - part 2
Bar Celona - part 3

btw, xien reminded me that it was meiyee's birthday too. coz she was the most drunk of all. LOLLL.
want proove? ask from me ;)

2nd round we celebrate for munyee @ station1 cafe ss15 :)
actually also 1% for karwai's leaving for aussie. hahahaha.

::: birthdya girl :):):) :::

those who came:

u know their names rite? i lazy to type. hahaha.
interested in any leng lui/leng zai leave a comment and i'll tell u who is that. lol.

last but not least,

hope u had a very happy birthday :)