Thursday, April 30, 2009

i'm lazy.

that explains the lack of update.

just finish moving the last box of stuffs form old house yesterday.
now i'm staying in a bunch of mess and i'm too tired to clean it up ... zzz ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

testing testing ... i’m using mail blogging now … in a super boring meeting that is asking us to do the impossible. All the best ya MingKee -.-

Monday, April 20, 2009

21 pics for cindy's 21st birthday :)

it WAS cindy's birthday :):):)

and we celebrated in decanter too @ hartamas.

not much nice pics neither interesting stuffs from that place so i guess i'll go straight to central point.

::: choosing cindy's cake :::

FYI, cindy is the first among us whom we bought an ice cream cake for.
a Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake.

::: stupid kai loon. vivi not here then can bully me? :::

::: sales person preparing dry ice to put around the cake :::

::: smoky & romantic cake LOL :::

::: got the cake ;):):)

::: cindy not knowing bout the cake coz we hid it properly behind my bag ;)

then we waited till 12am, and xien brought cindy for a "walk".

and we quickly prepare.

::: telling meiyee why we cannot put more than one candle on the cake LOL :::

then cindy comes back suprised :):):)

::: i wish i will get married soon ;):):)

::: no tripod so use the paper bag and the paper bag failed us T.T

and we start eating the cake. 12 ppl eat one small cake.

the cake was finished within 5 mins -.-
its our very first time finishing a birthday cake.
its also our first time not having the cake contacting with the birthday girl/boy's face. hahaha ...

::: i dunno wat i'm doing -.-

last but not least,

happy 21st birthday cindy :):):)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

意外惊喜 :)

bought this shirt from mei hui and i got an extra suprise :)

ta da ~ its a "figure" that looks like ultraman and posing the way ultraman is always posing.

somehow this thing lame thing manage to make me smile :)

My Blog: P170409_21.41[01].JPG

Testing testing..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

my workstation :)

basically most of the stuffs around me is P&C and i'll be sued if i expose it -.-

so to better not risk it, i'll show only this:

upper left:

a bookmark i bought for rm3 from a disabled guy.

this bookmark is there to remind me to always be grateful for all i have and i should be happy for having what i have now :)

upper right:

a souvenir from a colleague who had just came back from beijing. LOL.

i walked pass a shop and i saw this:

a bento with my name on it. hahahha.
if only its for me ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

♥ chocs :)

found this pack of choc in the mist of my junks and tot its quite attractive.

after popping it into my mouth, i decide it is FOR SURE one of the nicest choc i've ever tried.

this choc have this popping candy inside that simply makes the choc more fun to be eaten hahaha

i strongly believe this choc is from australia.
those coming back from australia, PLEASE get me this thing. i can pay u in AUD no prob :):):)

Monday, April 13, 2009

picture editing on viewty :)

was trying out the camera functions on viewty and i realise i can actually edit pictures using the mobile phone itself :)
for a photoshop noob like me, these minor editing are enough to get me hyped and love this phone even more :):):)

::: using stamping & signature function :::

::: using frame function :::

he was happily smiling for the camera without knowing the frame i'm using LOL

::: using stamping & text function :::


Sunday, April 12, 2009

unboxing MY new LG viewty :):):)

got myself a new phone.

was attracted to this phone because of its camera :):):)
KU990, or better known as LG viewty is what i've got and i've got it in white.

i think viewty stands for 'view the next technology'. but not that sure though.

revealling ...

LG viewty in WHITE ^^

nobody can understand the happiness i'm feeling when i'm opening the box. muahahahaha ...

now to take a closer look at the phone.

its stylus is actually not attached to the phone. as in its not to be pulled out from some corner of the phone. its an external stylus. i couldn't justify their reason for an external stylus, but i guess since its touch screen can respond to the touch of most materials, the stylus is not really necessary.

however, the stylus sure look stylish [quote dennis: it looks like a tiny lipstick LOL.]

and the very kiasu me did something super kiasi to my phone.

i wrapped it by paying rm70 at the sg stall that says u can dress up your hp with all sorts of patterns and all. summore i purposely go down sg wang for wrapping that and ended up spending much more than i should and buying lots more stuffs than i should -.- <-- story bout that next time.

can see the wrapping?

a closer and clearer look:

now i'm using it happily since its not as fragile anymore :):):)
i will update bout its functions from time to time coz i'm still a newbie of this phone and i'm still exploring it :):):)

p.s. do pardon me if i duno who r u when u call or sms me coz i'm still on the way transferring my phone book over.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy belated birthday

dearest joe and peivoon :):):)
sorry for not wishing u two earlier.

spot the candles:

cant see candle in her mouth but can certainly see the cream on her face :):):)

joe's cream pic is with meiyee. will upload as soon as i get it :):):)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i suddenly miss macarons :(

i miss those moments. seriously.

p.s. i got my LG viewty WHITE but i'll only open it this saturday coz saturday is my rest day :):):)