Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 --> 2010

i've just did 2 biggest purchase so far in my life. TWO in one day [sort of la]. and now i'm financially tied down until i strike a jackpot -___- but at least all the search and headache is over la then now i can at least have more time to update my blog yeah rite :p

only 1 day is left for year 2009. then it will be 2010. and i suddenly feel so old.

wat should i do after this? i feel like i'm wearing a fogged lens whenever i try to look into my future. sigh ~

hopefully i will find my life targets in year 2010. hopefully ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm broke for this month already -.-

whoa almost one month never update dy -___-

have i been busy? SURE :)
busy on? er.... sleeping? resting? LOL

ok la its just pure laziness. i think i've become at least 50% more lazy after i come out from college. if my laziness is going up at this rate, i might not survive till 30 years old -.-

i went pavillion to see snow ;) no nid go singapore dy ;p

i went PC fair :):)

i actually got quite a lot of things $_$ including a memory card ♥ for my LG crystal [FINALLY!!!] and a notebook coller pad ♥ for FREE ;p thx oj sim hehe ...

din manage to get a webcam coz its either chiplak looking or its too expensive and i got not much money to spend FML

ikea cheated my money aso -.-

they use stars to tempt me!!~ tsk tsk tsk ...

but at least i really love it la so its worth it for me k.
the say the value of each item is not the money used to buy but the happiness it bring to u ;):):)

and i actually won a lucky draw yesterday. its an iron. hahahah ... ok la watever la better than nothing rite ...