Sunday, June 28, 2009


found these in our monopoly set.

si beh kiasu until have to write down every single thing we owned then next time can continue -.-

see the writing so cannot tahan man. confirm not my writing lor hor -.-

then got ISO summore wan lo the paper we were using. hahaha ....
honestly i dun think i know how to play monopoly already. i just rmb got one jail that everybody is trying to avoid to get into hahaha ...

memories ...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009


watcher terminator and liked it :)
watched transformers and loved it :)

its another weekend, which means another week passed just like that.

convocation will be on 12 july and i'm wondering wat to wear. any suggestions?

12 july will also be the day i worked at Baker's for ngam ngam 6 months. hopefully i'll be confirmed asap :)

i can't find the cable for my phone to com thus no updates first :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


the super free tan ming kee just signed up @ twitter.

follow her rare updates @ _mingkee_ :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


my current wishlist, has been up there for months thus i now officially announce that is has

FAILed miserably -.-

i shall explain.


☆ NIKE rainbow sports shoes
★ a laptop cooler that is really quiet
☆ a relaxing holiday :):):)

1. the NIKE rainbow shoes is no longer on sales, nomatter how much u pay -.-
this is one situation that i always face. always hoping for the price to go down before i buy. hoping hoping ... the shoes is suddenly not there anymore T_T then emo one full day 24 hrs then forgotten bout it. this is just another of these situation sigh ~

2. laptop cooler is too expensive to be bought -.-
wtf reason i know. but a good cooler is bout rm100 but a chiplak one is really not nice ler :( then ppl come and tell me my laptop is so small and a cooler is not neccessary so better la save money hahahhaha ...

3. relaxing holiday? hopefully coming soon :)
redang passed and i am really happy bout it no doubt ;):):) but certainly hope another relaxing holiday is coming soon. *hint hint* peeps, go organise one la wait for wat -.-

ok so now say bye bye to my old wishlist and welcome the new one :p

first i wan a Lumix-Lx3 camera hahahhaha ... its the smallest semi-pro cam so far but its abit out of budget. so i will work hard for it laaaaa ....

second i wan a viva.
yes the proton viva. oh i mean the perodua viva hahahha *paiseh*
a second hand wan i dun mind, but i like it coz its fuel saving and cute just like me hehe ^^

u think thats expensive? hahhaha ...
i wan the teres house at sri petaling there -.-
ok la this one i wont put into my wishlist la its so damn impossible la sigh ~ 10 years later also dunno i can own it or not -.-

sigh ~ dunno wat else to put in my wish list d la -.- just two first la ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

当爱情渐渐变成了一种习惯,习惯了的我该怎么办 ...

i miss a lot of things.

i miss my college life.
i miss my old room.
i miss working part time.
i miss the frequent yum cha and pasar malam sessions.
i miss shopping happily.
i miss having a whole day to myself.
i miss pak toh-ing.

i miss so many things but nothing seems to miss me.

maybe i'm not missing them but rather not used to not having them.
maybe its time for me to change and i still dun wanna change.
maybe its time for me to realise but i dun wanna realise.
maybe, just maybe ...

but i really miss everything because i'm feeling so lonely that it hurts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

my dear mirror :)

and so i bought a very plain mirror just because it is cheap [hot market's EVERYTHING is on 50% sale] but its abit too plain for me -.-

thus, the ANTI-SOCIAL mingkee decided to make it look nicer.

the plan for decorating the mirror:

and after 3 days ...







D.O.N.E. ;):):)

its actually meant for standing like that:

i know its nice. tq very much.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

anti-social mingkee.

took a physiological test in office.

my result:

i'm 50% anti-social, 50% normal.

i dun wanna become anti-social :(:(:(

faster help me get rid of my 自闭症 by asking me out!!!~~~~

p.s. wat is 自闭症 in english?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Suprise for mum :)

Coach was on 30% sales few weeks ago.

and my sis and me got this for our mum :)

my mum happily opened it ^^

open present also must pose for the camera :)

see how happy? ^^

then the surprise came ....

taa daaa!!~

a pink heart shape key ring from coach ;):):)

"wat is that?"

in her heart: -___-|||

so what it really is?






the pink heart shape key ring from coach ;):):)

along with ...

:: 2 cutie pies inside ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


its always like that.

she suddenly feels emo. but nobody is around to talk to her. then she starts to think sad things. then she starts to cry. then she feel like talking to someone. but her hp no batt. then she got emo. still nobody aorund her to talk to. she tahan only then go bath. then she come out from bath feeling better. but someone calls her. she wanna talk properly but with nothing else but all the sad things in her mind and nothing else. emo words come out from her mouth, causing her more trouble.

and now she is all alone.
and all she can think of is: never trouble trouble until trouble troubles u.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

a whole week of updates :)

omg its been so long ..

i also dunno wat i'm busy about ...
manager was away for the whole week and that left us with very little things to do ...
and this means that we will have LOTS MORE to do when manager is back -___-

watever la ...

been trying my very best to meet up with buddies but fail miserably -.-
been trying my best take more pics to blog about but also failed miserably -.-

ok shall get to serious matter...

my graduation is on 12 july 2009 :):):)
i'm not the unofficial graduate and one after july 2009, u can call me the graduate ;):):)

in addition to that,
july is also the month i will be confirmed ;):):)
my current coy have 6 months probation and i'm still a management trainee now but soon i will be officially an officer in the company!!! * pops champange

thats mostly bout it ..
did a lot A LOT of random buys this two weeks and my salary is already half gone -.-
but i'm still keeeping up on recording my expenses.

eyes tired but i still wanna watch drama now ...

signing off,