Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love is in the air ~

so many wedding dinners for this 8th month of lunar calander.

or its just that my friends are all reaching that age already?

went to William Chai & Chien Ting's wedding dinner last sunday.

at Sime Darby Convention Center.

it was a very enjoyable event, with live band and a very beautiful wedding cake.

here comes the bride ;)

and the beatiful cake ;):):)

i super like this gown. so fairy tale like *big wet eyes

wedding toast.

this cutie pie actually took her water bottle out and raise it up during the wedding toast.

super cute!!!! coudn't resist myself so i went caught her to take pic with me :p

she ran back the moment i let her go -.-

and then she pose again -___-

and this guy is the MAN of the night hahahahaha ...

coz he know how to FLY ~ LOL

Saturday, September 26, 2009


i miss those days when i only have few pictures in my hp for me to blog about.

now i realise how big is the commitment to edit pics before posting up. and i'm not even using photoshop yet. here i salute xiaxue -.-

went Gopeng during the raya holidays. and then i had 3 days of super busy schedule. and finally i get all me sleep back today.

will edit the pics if i feel like editing today :)

go see my props' website :)
i'm constantly updating it with things i bought to make sure i' remember to wear/use them -___-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NO Smoking :x

Watch Brian Leong Hon Cheong in an anti smoking ad ;)

don't be a SUCKer :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i just realise choosing photos to update is the most headache problems of all.

i'm lazy and had just been thru a bad day yesterday.

so i think its forgivable to not update.

happy mooncake festival wtf.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

锦轩 DimSum @ Kuchai Entrepreneur 's Park

i love holiday mornings :):):)
another beautiful morning with superb Dim Sum with silly friends.

this post i dedicate to those who din manage to come, for u all to know what u've missed ;)

the first thing we self-service to our table will be none other than:

::: salad prawns :):):)

lots & lots of them.

we actually took it when the table wasn't even covered with cloth. -- yea, we were THAT desperate.

one bite of the salad prawn, and u'll know why we're so addicted to it.

and we took two types of ribs (排骨 aka Pai guat).

::: fried pai guat :::

::: steamed pai guat ;):):)

i totally vote for the steam ones.

::: 芋角 aka Wu kok :::

::: 酿茄子/酿矮瓜 aka Yong ai kua :::

::: 萝卜糕 aka Lobak gou :::

and last but not least,

::: porridge ;):):)

ahh~ a great way to start off a holiday ;)

of course, we ate lots more than wat i took pics of because of my kiasu-ness in fighting for the dim sums -.-

::: rm198 of dim sums DOWNed by 9 ppl :::

and also, i bought this:

at the dim sum place. dun ask me why. CalVin and YewKoon can explain that.

In conclusion,
i started my day with these:

and i'm happy with it them ^^