Saturday, February 28, 2009

i'm now at singapore.

it was after ph's sing k cum farewell session and after watching kung fu chef that my mum called and say my sis needs some help in singapore.

thus, randomly, me and oj went to buy bus tix to sg that is suppose to leave at 4am.
then each of us went home and packed and manage to get back to kl by 3.30am thx to kenny lai ;)

::: getting some supfast [supper + breakfast] :::

then we watied for bus ...

wait ...

wait ...

wait ...

finally the bus reach at 5am++

then with slepy eyes and face with my ultraman passport ...

we set off :):):)

after the hassle of changing money, taking taxi and all ...

finally i reach the hotel where my sis is staying :):):)

going up to find my sis now ^^

guess where i am ;)

my ultraman passport has just grant me the permission to go overseas :):):)

and i will be here for 2 days :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

monday reds ",

feeling the "monday blues" -.-
so i need to rant ...

bu i wonder, why monday BLUEs?
when blue is mentioned, i see peace and freedom. thus, blue is more for a Friday.

There are 7 colours in rainbow. Or to put it more precisely, there are 7 main colours in our nature.
And there are 7 days in a week.

Perhaps they are meant to be related together.

Red – Monday
Orange – Tuesday
Yellow – Wednesday
Green – Thursday
Blue – Friday ;)
ndigo – Saturday
Purple – Sunday

I think it matches =)

Monday is a red day. Coz red signifies warning and danger. which is so right for a monday because it’s the day to prepare for a whole week of challenges -.-

Moving on to Tuesday, Red becomes orange as one day of the risk and challenges to be faced is over. And that is definitely something to be happy of ;)

It’s a bright yellowish Wednesday because it’s only two days away from Friday ;):):)

Green thursday: finally we have some eye soothing colour.

Blue Friday – finally, peace ^^v

Indigo Saturday, special and personalized day to do anything u wan.

Purple Sunday, for royal and those u love, for instance: Jesus :):):)

p.s. i hardly have time to touch my com furthermore update my blog. this post is written in office and email back to my own email and copy and paste and format it here.

i'm happy again now :):):)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i miss blogging.

Tagged so many times but I’m doing this at work and send it to my own email then copy and paste out to my blog.

  1. I’m doing this because I need to get my brain moving to avoid falling asleep.
  2. I dunno why I always have so many typos whenever I’m typing.
  3. I’m so bored wearing OL clothes to office everyday I am wondering wat will admin do to me if I decided to wear shorts and t-shirt to work one day.
  4. I forgot till wat number shall I do this and I decided I will do till number 26 because I like that number.
  5. I tot doing this thing will make me not so sleepy but I’m still very sleepy.
  6. I feel like eating durian.
  7. I’m thinking of ways to earn more money but I couldn’t [no I dun feel like teaching tuition & freelance will take up my weekends and make me super tired and no time for myself :/
  8. I decided to pause this for a while and get back to work first.
  9. work is repeating and I’m so bored doing it thus I am wondering why don’t they have a system that can do all same changes at one go.
  10. I’m wondering when to buy present for siew ling and when to buy it.
  11. I miss my bed.
  12. I think I’m going to miss my whole room when I move to my aunt’s house.
  13. I need a lot a lot of money $$$$$$
  14. I feel like going pasar malam tonight.
  15. I miss updating my blog but I’ve got too many things to update I dunno what should i update first.
  16. I feel like eating keropok lekor.
  17. I feel like doing so many things but I think I will end up sleeping at home tonight coz I’m damn tired I dunno why.
  18. Its still mid feb to me but all my colleagues and boss is talking like its already march now I dunno why -.-
  19. Siew ling just confirmed that I am spending this sat night at poppy.
  20. Was seriously thinking of quitting clubbing but seems that my friends doesn’t allow it to happen ;P
  21. This reminded me that I still have a quartto card expiring on 24th I think I should just go there and bring the bottle home to drink drank drunk.
  22. I’m thinking of joe and yan liang on Sunday night and I feel like laughing out LOUD XDXDXD [p.s. the video is with me ;) ]
  23. I’m planning to change my blog header’s quote so please look at it coz I’ll be changing it when I post this tag up.
  24. I wanna paint my nails with blings but I wanna buy a nail dryer first coz I hate waiting for my nails to dry ;)
  25. I realize I dun like to talk so much anymore because I can hardly find much listener around me.
  26. This is the last thing I can write so I decided not to waste so I announce here, I will start blogging bout my birthday even before I get all pics and I will only post up pics I look nice in coz its MY birthday :):):)
that’s all folks ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

thx kenny lai :)

most of my birthday party pics are with kenny. and i'm super noob at photoshop.
thus, kenny is still helping me edit all the pics.

plus i'm so damn busy this weekend i also dunno i busy wat but seriously busy -.-

so i'll just post two collage pics to make u all wanna see the pics faster. hahaha.

thx for the great night all of u ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

我的幸福 :):):)

sad things aside, looking back at the pics and prezzies, i'm happy again now.
my mood swing more geng than maybank share price. hahaha.

now... its time for me to show off :):):)
i'm so glad that many of u actually turn up despite of the super last minute plan. summore can come with presents. u all really efficient lo hahaha. but i really hope u all enjoyed that night.

as for me, of course i enjoyed a lot. form the food to the company. everything make me feel so loved.

look at wat i've got ;)

plus ca$h from those who are not sure what i want.

so many presentsssss :):):)

maybe i should introduce the presents one by one.

lets start with the obvious ones first.

this present caught my attention most. its a caligraphy written by my friend sting. the two word written for me is "xing fu". it means happiness in chinese.


i dun think i need to say who is it from. its from ONE OF the vain-est guy i've ever know -___-

the bottle of stars and ferroro is from 3 kids. i can imgine how sad is it for them to give chocolates away.

mcky bag from all my classmates.
y i never get the traditional big photo frame with everybody's pic wannnnn????? T.T

from mei hui & edward.

from my sis wtf -.-
i wan the red pikachu ball. whoever have it, i'm offering rm5 for just that ball.

ziling :)

jung kuan and wai yip :)

cindy and xien :)

serene and zhin teng.

alcholic clive.


one most significant present if missing for those who did observe my presents on table that day.
its none other than :

a coach from oj sim =^.^=

branded stuffs is always something for me to see and hold but never to own coz i dun usually have money to get it.

but now i finally got one.

i guess it should have a name coz all branded stuffs have a name but i dunno wats the name of this bag. i shall name it -- MY coach bag LOL

oj sim say this thing is an add on or watever but i like it. its a very nice detail :):):)

and also i finally got the first bouquet of flowers from oj.

but the roses belum berkembang lagi i dunno why :( i got water it everyday wan lo.

so, after adding in this set pf presents,

THIS is all i got for my 21st :):):) plus ca$hhhh :):):)

hope all that went enjoyed as much as i did :)

lastly, i think i need to remind u all not to request an individual present from kendrick coz this will be what u're getting :

:s :s :s

p.s. birthday pics coming soon :):):)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

happy belated birthday to me.

right this moment i am so damn sad i forgot how was it like to be happy.

nothing went right today. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

even the ramli burger store that sells prawn burger that i super feel like eating is not open.

i din get to eat any decent lunch or dinner and i dont get to enjoy my saturday all because of the performance, and the stupid felle cancelled our performance last min because they dun wan too many chinese dance. they're afraid it will be discriminating other races wtf.

ok, i think i shall start with my morning.

so i wake up today feeling so damn blessed and happy because i had an extremely happy night last night. thank God for that.

then, i rememberred that today 4pm i'm suppose to go kl and meet up with the dancing team coz we were told that we were invited to perform at sunway pyramid open air carpark -- rumah terbuka menteri selangor. so bout 2 sth i followed my sis down to kl coz i tot i would go to the saloon to tie hair first coz i lazy tie myself.

but when i reach kl, i remembered i had to go buy other thing as well so i went to buy first. then after buying, i was told that the saloon aunty no time tie hair liao so we have to tie ourselves coz we need to rush to practice. wtf. so we went to practice. we were suppose to perform two dances. so we practiced both and brought both set of clothes over. we were told to reach there at 6pm. and then they tell me we were dancing at 9pm -.- means we need to be there 3 hrs earlier?

i tot with all the waiting, we would get decent food. they said we could get decent food. but i am so extremely wrong. wat food? eat your foot la. so we have to stay in the half-a-tent we were provided for 3 hrs doing nothing. and then finally its our turn. perform liao one dance, they say they DON'T NEED us to perform another dance. wtf. so u invite us here to perform two dance and now u suddenly dun need us because menteri came late and now he got no time to see us perform d? *roll eyes 99*

so after that, i got notice that my friend thinks my online invitation to zouk thru blog is not sincere enough and last night's invitation is not confirm enough, none of them decided to turn up at zouk. even the table we booked have to line up wan -.-

so we went maison instead. ladies nite so each of us pay less than rm50. then we were too tired to go yum cha so we wanted to take the fastest way back, aka the smart tunnel, but it turn out the got a stupid road block for nothing right in front of the smart tunnel so we jam damn long there wtf. i think road blocks are stupid. tell me wat benefit we can get thru the road blocks besides wasting our money and your time not to mention my 100x more precious time?

i tot that would be the end after the road block jam but its not. the smart tag decided to not work and i was driving front and back of the smart tag lane for like 5 times then we decided to go to the touch n go lane and i was too far from the machine i have to move my car back and front again to scan again.

by that time u can already imagine how angry i am.

and its still havent end yet. oj sim suddenly i dunno why decided to pack every single thing i left in his car and give it back to me. why do i feel this is some sort of thing ppl will do when they wanna break up? and then he suggested to fetch me home first then only fetch karwai home coz its more convenient o.O i never know fetching your gf back last is so inconvenient for a bf.

then, while walking back home, i realise, i forgot to bring house key. omg wtf how bad can things getttt????? so i have to call my mum at 4am to open door for me with the cigg smell all over my hair and body. how pleasant scene was that.

and now, i cant sleep and i'm seriously wondering. how can one's life bo at the peak one day and at the lowest valley the next day? even the financial crisis took quite some time to finally sink in, but the two very contrasting day happened in my life.

i feel so weak and disappointed. so many things could have make my life now bettter, but none fo them happened. and i'm still sitting here, looking into my laptop with my eyes flooded.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


most of u might already been notified bout my birthday dinner at BBQ bar this fri @ 7.30pm. i dunno till wat time so dun ask me.

BBQ bar is a a place for BBQ, not a bar. can BBQ can steamboat. hope it will suit everyone. got vegetarian food also. just in case someone decided to be kind to animals.
BBQ bar is at KL the chin woo stadium there k.
if not sure and can't wil till i post up the map tmr. go google "chin woo stadium with swimming pool" :)

sorry for the last minute arrangements. i also dunno why so last min -.-

btw is i accidentally missed u out [confirm is accidentally wan] then just confirm with me like i got ask u k :)
if u paiseh then tell a friend of yours who should also be a friend of mine to remind me. then i'll sms u k :):):)

hope to see all those i love there ^^

please rsvp with me by tmr [wed] nite coz i need to book places. later too much or too less i susah.

p.s. : my mum will be there and i'm a non alcholic in front of my mum regardless of my age k. please co operate with me :)

not finished yet.

sat night @ zouk.
rsvp by tmr. i need to call and book. so asap k.
its a joint party with dude. haha. so dude shall share half of watever i have. okay. hahahha.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eee PC 1000H

my sis sent this article to my work email the other day.

Specs for HP's Mini 1100 pop up, ExpressCard/54 slot is a go engadget, 1/22, Nilay Patel

Looks like HP's web monkeys are filling in the product pages for those unannounced Mini 1100s we spotted earlier -- spec pages for the 1133CL, 1135NR, 1140NR and 1141NR have been posted, and those rumors of an ExpressCard/54 slot are apparently true. It sounds like the 1141NR is the Vivienne Tam edition -- it comes with a "Vivienne Tam sleeve" -- but apart from that and Bluetooth in the 1135NR and 1140NR, they've all got the same 10.1-inch 1024 x 576 display, 1.6GHz Atom N270, 1GB RAM, 60GB drive, and three-cell battery. No idea why HP's got so many different confusing model numbers for what seems like the exact same product, but we're guessing we'll find out more soon -- hopefully there's a bit more sense behind this silliness than with the Eee alphabet soup.

its indirectly hinting my baby ASUS Eee PC 1000H silly T_T

can't deny that a mini netbook is quite popular now. all brand started to come out with netbook [aka small notebooks]. however, the first netbook using Windows XP that caught my eye was by lenovo. but its shape its abit too geometric for me. but it make me made up my mind on a netbook. coz i feel i'm tiny sized and the tiny netbook suits me ;):):)
so i continue hunting and hunting and hunting. till i met this baby,

ASUS Eee PC 1000H
10.2 inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, XP Home, 6 Cell Battery)

immediately i wanna buy it. bising non stop till my family and friends all damn sien d. but they still ask me to think trice just in case its a very expensive impulse buying.
then suddenly, i found out the the malaysia market is only left with FEW of this model. the 160gb Eee PC1000H. i got so gan cheong i almost cried T.T

but at last, thx to oj for the effort and mummy for the finance ...

i got it. muahahahaha ...

see ... so cute :):):)

and tiny ^^

the only down point is the battery bulging out from behind.

oj says its very disturbing but i'm totally okay with it ;):):)

coz it can still fit into my colourful bag perfectly ^.^

so i still love my Eee very much. its 160gb HD allows me to keep taking drama from other ppl witout having to get myself an external HDD. hahaha.

but honestly, i haven't hear any Netbook from Asus for quite some time d :/
in fact Hp is the one coming up with Netbook so fast that its so hard to catch up with the latest model.
at this pace it will be really hard to get a really up-to-date netbook so i should just be happy with what i have ;)