Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 --> 2010

i've just did 2 biggest purchase so far in my life. TWO in one day [sort of la]. and now i'm financially tied down until i strike a jackpot -___- but at least all the search and headache is over la then now i can at least have more time to update my blog yeah rite :p

only 1 day is left for year 2009. then it will be 2010. and i suddenly feel so old.

wat should i do after this? i feel like i'm wearing a fogged lens whenever i try to look into my future. sigh ~

hopefully i will find my life targets in year 2010. hopefully ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm broke for this month already -.-

whoa almost one month never update dy -___-

have i been busy? SURE :)
busy on? er.... sleeping? resting? LOL

ok la its just pure laziness. i think i've become at least 50% more lazy after i come out from college. if my laziness is going up at this rate, i might not survive till 30 years old -.-

i went pavillion to see snow ;) no nid go singapore dy ;p

i went PC fair :):)

i actually got quite a lot of things $_$ including a memory card ♥ for my LG crystal [FINALLY!!!] and a notebook coller pad ♥ for FREE ;p thx oj sim hehe ...

din manage to get a webcam coz its either chiplak looking or its too expensive and i got not much money to spend FML

ikea cheated my money aso -.-

they use stars to tempt me!!~ tsk tsk tsk ...

but at least i really love it la so its worth it for me k.
the say the value of each item is not the money used to buy but the happiness it bring to u ;):):)

and i actually won a lucky draw yesterday. its an iron. hahahah ... ok la watever la better than nothing rite ...

Friday, November 27, 2009

if u judge people, u have no time to love them - Mother Teressa

they say, if u love something, let it go. if it come back, its yours :)
i forgot its a song or something and i'm not sure if i've modified it, but its something lidat la kay.

and i've been holding on to this sentence for a very long time, and its usually in my mind when i'm about to, or i have already loose something. its a sentence to calm myself down besides everything happens for a reason :)

and i think the quote from mother Teressa today implied the same theory as the quote i mentioned above. if u judge people, u have no time to love them. so sometimes, when u're very very angry about something someone have said/done, try to just step back and think: if u were in their position, u will do the same? if u will, then u have no reason to be angry at them because u're not any different yourself.

if u keep judging people, u won't see be able to find any reason to love them because u can only see their flaws. that will make u look someone that has never received any blessings.

as hokkien ppl say:不嫌就不坏 [mai hiam jiao beh pai], be thankful u have your parents and be thankful of every single person around u --yes including your boss. try stop judging them. and in no time, u'll start loving them :):):)

Happy Thanksgiving ;):):)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leslie & Maxine's Wedding :)

was trying to clear all my 'drafts' in my dashboard ad found this post i haven yet to publish.
i believe these r not all the pics, but thats all i've uploaded so bear with it :p

basically in a wedding all u can do is to play with your camera then eat then play with your hp then drink then eat again and the process repeats. so those r the pics :)

however it was a lovely wedding and from the bottom of my heart, i wish that they will be together till the end of time :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

everything is there for a reason.

Because i have sooo many fwded emails in my mail box, and also nuffnang rated me as : 


I’m now going to update my blog with a quote a day and i’ll share MY own thoughts on the quotes to remind and hopefully help myself and also anyone that is or will be reading my blog to have a better life :)

But it will not always be bring quotes. It will sometimes be some useful fact that we might have over looked in life, i.e. today’s topic :):):)

Since today is the first day, and on first day we dun usually so serious stuffs on first days', i’ll share this email that is worth reading:

What is the toilet bowl cover for?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Workaholic. Good or bad?

Got this psychology test in office today and my result is NOT good -____-

Try it out and see if u're as ______ as me :p




1 即使是不喜歡,你還是會因為商店促銷去買一樣東西?
是的,我看到便宜就想買 -〉 2
反正買回家不久也丟掉,不要買好了 -〉 3

2 臨時有件事,你也只能坐公車出門,你會:
提早出門,免得耽誤了正事 -〉 4
反正公車時間都很固定,差不多再出發就好 -〉 5

3 你平常是否有和朋友分享e–mail的習慣?
有,我超喜愛亂寄東西的 -〉 6
很少,多半是人家寄給我較多 -〉 7

4 閒閒沒事幹,你通常都是如何打發時間的呢?
無聊當然就是上網看看有沒有什麼新鮮事 -〉 7
騎(開)著車到處亂跑,最好是到新地方 -〉 8

5 如果你去拜訪朋友,發現他不在又正好忘了鎖門,你會:
躲起來惡作劇或給他一個驚喜 -〉 9
先聯絡上他或是直接進去他房子等 -〉 10

6 看到自己的國人在奧運拿下金牌,你的心情是:
好興奮,幻想自己也能跟他一樣 -〉 5
會很開心,不過過幾天感覺就淡了 -〉 10

7 如果遠遠走來一個電視明星,你會:
多看幾眼,不過可能不會有什麼舉動 -〉 6
機會很難得,當然要把握時間跟他簽名合照 -〉 10

8 和朋友到KTV唱歌,你通常是:
第一件是就是找新歌排行榜,老歌我不要 -〉 9
好多新歌都不會,只唱招牌歌或是聽人家唱 -〉 A型

9 你對你住的地方附近街道熟嗎?
豈止熟,我還知道很多別人不知道的祕密地方 -〉 10
不算熟,大路會記得,小路不會走 -〉 B型

10 如果有一天你走在路上,有個你不認識的人跟你打招呼,你會:
問清楚他是哪一位朋友 -〉 C型
裝作沒看見,直接閃人 -〉 D型







Result of the test:









Guess which type am i? :p

Monday, November 9, 2009

i saw my previous update in my prop's blog was 5 weeks ago.
even nuffnang rated that blog 0 stars now -.- freaking Z-E-R-O.

do u believe if i tell u i haven't buy anything in 5 weeks? LOLLL

the reason i did not update was coz ...

i bought TOO MANY things and i'm too lazy to put on each piece and take pic in from of the mirror and upload them -.- now i'm wondering how the blogshop owners have the patient to do that -.-

maybe i might TRY doing that later.

but for now, its good rain and sweet dreams :):):)



Monday, November 2, 2009

a post to make u feel hungry :)

on a fine weekend, we drove down to Seremban for a one day trip.
i will tell the long story later but for now, i'll just cut the long story share the best part of the whole trip with u guys ;):):)

::: Min Kok Restaurant @ Seremban :)

::: the starter :::

::: one whole piece of gong yu chi just for ME *BigWetEyes

*droolss ...

self explanatory pics:

i'm missing them so damn badly right now :(

especially this:

my <3<3<3