Thursday, August 27, 2009

Louisiana @ Kelana Jaya Plaza

it was mei's 21st on 23rd August 2009.

how time files. i still rmb the day we celebrated her 18th birthday -.-

she had her 21st celebrated in Lousiana, a restaurant at Kelana Jaya Plaza with perfect ambiance to relax.

those who attended:

::: bear & the most hang fuk princess :::

::: tcheng & hongjin :::

::: chris AKA digiboy :::

::: KTB raqib & DIGIboi :::

::: shinyin & mingkee :::

::: the other chris & KTB :::

::: papa bear & baby bear :::

camwhore session for the cbners ;):):)

the cake cutting ceremony:

::: THE cake(s) :::

::: papa bear & mama bear :::

::: wishing upon a star :)

::: the birthday kiss :::

::: All of US :::

the cakes & us :

joe came later to fetch me for second round -.-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

its jean's birthday ...

it was shien jean's birthday last week.

it was a warm party, and a happy one of course.

::: birthday girl wishing and cutting cake :):):)

::: jean's bestest friend ;)

::: jean's papa ;)

::: mostly cbners
[my juniors] ;):):)

::: the brother's friends -.-

::: the sesat ones -___-

::: marsmellows ;):):)

this pic is important.
notice cheng han & wai yip's wicked smiling face looking at me and mich helping ourselves with the satay kuah???

now i know who did it!!!~

btw, happy birthday jean. really glad to be at your birthday party.

up next, mei's birthday ...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Honeymoon

its officially my new favorite restaurant.

originated from Hong Kong itself, it is now located at:

::: Kepong ::: One U ::: Sunway Pyramid :::

few things i've tried:

::: sea coconut + water chestnut tong sui :::

::: water melon sago :::
for water melon fans ;):):)

::: the infamous Durian Pancake :::

u can smell durian once u cut it into half. superb for durian lovers ;)

::: mando + pamelo aka 杨支甘露 :::

see the mango chunks and pamelo sacs? ;)

and last but not least,

::: glutineous balls aka 糖不甩 :::

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this. [ & 擂沙汤圆 also but i dun have its pic -.-]

missing its taste super badly T^T

i rmb this shop offers free delivery. but with terms & conditions of course.
for enquiries, feel free to call this tol free number: 1800-22-1880 :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Amp Square @ Sunway Pyramid

Went Amp Square TWICE in a week. thx to joe and meiyee -___-

First round:

rm33 [including tax and watever charge] and we sang from 7pm (dinner buffet included of course) till 2am. freaking 2am and i all of us have to work the next day. siao langS -.-

::: notice the bearie ears? ;) :::

Second round :

it was saturday lunch time and its rm16++ (which amounted to less than rm20) for a set of lunch [ChickenChop(ofYourChoice)+Rice+Soup+Pudding+PotatoWedges] and a drink. So cheap!!!
maybe coz their peanuts r cheaper? or no peanut charges at all? forgot -.-

::: p-p-poker face ... :::

::: i'm still half asleep wan ok -.- :::

but i really think AMP have MUCH much nicer food compare to BOTH "competitors".
choice maybe lesser, but at least the food is something worth finishing and wasting all the time u should be singing ;)

For enquiries/to book: 0374928888

p.s. if u did not park at the basement parking which is super near AMP square, u need to get in from Markeesh.