Monday, December 31, 2007

eve ~

been sick for 3 days in a row...
i wonder why this year i fall sick so many times o.O
i'm usually a healthy person. serious.

but... today is the 31st !!!
if i'm sick, how to go clubbing countdown?? sigh ~
and my mum is seriously trying her very best to tell me i shouldn't go party anywhere tonight if i'm still sick.

happy new year ppl ...
hope everyone will stay happily healthy next year ^^

Friday, December 28, 2007

Que Sera, Sera

msg from agnes : tmr and sunway's job canceled. client just inform me.

means i'm free for two days. is it a good or bad thing?
good coz i get to spend time with myself. bad coz $$ gone. sigh ~

i dunno why but i'm quite moody today. wat position am i standing?
nvm. stop that Q.
i decided.
let it be. que sera, sera. watever will be, will be. the future is not for us to see.

wat should i do tmr?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

spare tyre ~

was thinking a lot last nite, i realise i've been treating my car very badly.
i never vacuum it before and i've got 54613 pieces of tissues and bout 10 empty water bottles lying around and bout 5 pair of shoes + heels + slippers in it. i also dunno for wat. dun ask me.

my mum just called and ask me sweep and mop floor, when i've just done it on monday. is it necessary to do it so often when there are only two occupants in the house? i don't know. i dont feel like doing it. but maybe i'll at least sweep just to please her.

my working schedule for this weekend confirmed.
fri - kinrara giant
sat & sun - sunway pyramid
i have no idea how to go kinrara giant. sigh. have to ask for directions again.

will be going to subang to find meihui later. hope plans go alright.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry christmas!!!~~

went to my aunt's party last night and she gave me two POLO tee. as in POLO tee for christmas present. haha. never expect i being a so big girl will still receive present from my aunt.

went mystique after that. mystique not mystery okay ivan. haha. i waited outside mystery for ivan till i realise he actually meant mystique. LOL. nvm. at least we enjoyed after that.

and guess who i meet there? the REAL clubber gang -___- weibin waiping and friends. so ended up two group joined into one and all danced our night away ^^

i also saw karloon and brandon there. ish. tak sangka all those good boys in secondary school also become clubber. haha.

i'm so sick of my post being so pictureless. EMO. took lots pics ytr nite but none of them is with me. swt man. someone find some way to enable me to get my face up to this blog!!~~

btw, i woke up yesterday morning, look into the mirror and realise my hair is straight -___-
i dunno wat happened. but its straight now. not VERY straight, but certainly the curls have gone. is it my problem or the hair's problem? dunno la.

oh. i wanna announce to ppl that : i'm addicted to hokkien songs by xiao hei since i watched the papaya sisters show -___-
don't worry, i won't change my blog songs to hokkien songs. haha. but those interested in hokkien songs can ask from me coz my mum bought me a hokkien song cd since i've been singing the song non stop with the wrong hokkien pronunciation and those words i couldn't rmb their hokkien pronunciation i'll change it to chinese. HAHA.

Monday, December 24, 2007

celabrate the day ^^

happy birthday to my friends ^^

1. HELEN luen on 23th dec
- i know i din wish u myself but i hope u will see this post.

2. fong siew JEAN on 23th dec
- its been a long time since we last meet but i still rmb u & bon odori ;)

3. lam LINAA on 24th dec
- too bad some misunderstanding came between us. otherwise we will really be happy friends since we went thru so many happy days ^^

4. lim JIA wei on on 24th dec
- long time no see, classmate. i still read your blog pretending i can keep up with you just like that. enjoy your birthday yea =)

5. IVAN chong on 24th dec
- haha. thx for the memory card and screen protector =) hope u enjoy your sing k session ^^

6. tan SEOK KHENG on 25th dec
- i saw that its your birthday thru friendster. happy birthday friend. u make me realise the world is so small =)

last but not least,

7. SHELLY sim on 25th dec
- u most hang fuk coz i will be celebrating with u =)) LOL ... happy birthday yea ^^ hope u will like the present i give.

u see how many ppl birthday in 3 days? swt man. *counting 9 months back* no particular date also. hmmm. nvm. just wish every body else a merry merry christmas ^^
don't forget the real meaning of CHRISTmas behind all the presents and parties yea.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

CHRISTmas eve

congrats to ME ^^

i just finished 4 days of standing and showing off one hp that does not belong to me. but trust me the phone is really good. interested? ask me ^^

btw, tmr is CHRISTmas eve ^^ yeah ^^ but whole day is already full.
morning - meet papa bear
then - clean my house to make sure my mum is not emo on christmas
then - teach tuition
then - party at aunt's house
then - party with my friends

u see!!! no time to rest -___-

then tuesday, will bring ziling around to shop for her new bag ^^

hope everything goes well and everyone have a merry merry CHRISTmas ^^
may God blesses everyone =)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

pilled up schedule~

i need some GOOD rest !!~~Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

my schedule suddenly pilled up. yesterday taught tuition for 4 hrs then went oj's cousin's wedding dinner till late. today is my only rest day. tmr will be teaching two sessions of tuitions also then my thursday to sunday will be filled by u mobile roadshow -___-

suddenly everything come. wat will happen to the steamboat i've craving for so long??!!
sigh ~

my mum offered me to go cameron with her on wed-thus and pulau ketam on sat-sun. but i have to miss both. y? due to all the unrejectable events that pilled up my schedule suddenly. swt man. i wanna have time to sleep till super late and fix my damn bluetooth device. my hp memory is totally full and i can't do anything bout it. sigh.

HELP ME !!~~

when i'm too free i complain. when i'm too busy i complain. i wonder in wat situation i will not complain -__-

i just checked my marks from uts website and found out thati got 51 marks for audit. luckily that 1 mark enable me to pass. i din know i did THAT badly in audit. sigh. watever ~ at least i passed it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

of bad dreams

today, i woke up with a bundle of fear in my stomach. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
coz i had a VERY bad dream which seems so true and now i'm scared to death. i wanna forget the dream so badly that i hope the next time i read back this post i've already forgotten bout the dream.

btw, anyone have any idea if dreams will happen accordingly or it will be total opposite? i read somewhere that dreams will be exact opposite of things that will be happening. but ........

sigh ... i think i shud just move on and forget the dream.

i think my holidays so far i haven't enjoyed much. i've been either working or sleeping or going to interviews or watching the romance of the 3 kingdom.
my thought of holidays before it started?
working and clubbing. where have the clubbing gone? due to lack of kakis. dude working non stop, others will be with assignments and no money. yk pulak, dunno when he online. everytime i online talk to him, he is not there -___-

and ytr night, my mum told me that i should not buy a new vaio and should use the money to renovate our house abit since few places is not in its order already =.= leaving me no choice, i agreed solemnly, hoping that she will hit a jackpot and i can have my vaio =(

as to my hp, i'm waiting for the white version of SE-w910 to appear since meihui got w580i. it seems so impossible i know, but thats just an excuse for me to make sure i have enough to spend before i cut that lump for my hp. plus, my mum is trying to persuade me to change my hp after i graduate -___- and i tot i can ask her for some sponsorship. who says mum ALWAYS know what the child is thinking??

and, i have to emcee for fui chiu association till 9pm on 31st dec. who wanna pick me up after i finish emcee and bring me to some place where ppl MY AGE will hang out? and to my buddies, where will we be hanging out? tell me asap so i can arrange my transport.

i realise this whole post is not that happy. i'm not emo. just that i had a bad start of a day. thats all. hope that rest of my day will be better ... ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

mhui : bitter mkee

hey ya ppl !!!~

where have i been? well, long long story. too long that i'm lazy to mention it. [then y blog? -___- ]

btw, for the weekends, i have been working and my expression after work is

lol ~~ i think i look cute ^^ nvm.

then i went to interview again for U mobile and i got thru it ^^ will receive my working schedule soon. and i'm teaching tuition thus most of my time is covered not to mention i am a big sleeper and i love sleeping late and waking late ^^

btw, i think i need something FUN to live life to the fullest. clubbing anyone? ehehehe ...

Monday, December 10, 2007

appreciate ~

results out dy ^^
thank God i passed all.
but i promise i will try to do better next sem.

btw, rantings up.
y i can't get A LOT OF jobs? since i need money so desperately i should be working my ass off every second. but instead, here i am spending my ass off every second. feel so damn contribution-less.

went time square yesterday. dude got the shoe he have been looking everywhere for and he finally got it. he was so damn happy that he forgot he got no $ left to pay parking. [LMAO!!] so he called and i passed rm10 to him and he is still smiling -___- [i've never seen a GUY so happy after shopping] and all the way despite of the jam, he was smiling and talking bout nothing but the shoe.

put that a side, yk is back in subang!!~
haha ... so probably will have more clubbing outings ^^

Saturday, December 8, 2007

i'm not worthy 我不配

这街上太拥挤 太多人有秘密 ~ 玻璃上有雾气 ~ 在背影照进过去 ~
你脸上的情绪 ~ 在怀念那场雨 ~ 这小弄太过完全 ~ 走不回过这里 ~

这日子孤单里 ~ 又班驳了结局 ~ 剩下半空回忆的我在大房子 ~
第一眼的注意 ~ 更遥远的距离 ~ 感情没有对手戏你跟自己下棋 ~

还来不及 ~ 仔细心细 ~ 写下你的关于 ~ 描述我如何爱你 ~ 你却微笑的离我而去 ~

这感觉 ~ 已经不对 ~ 我努力在挽回 ~ 一些些應該體貼的感覺我沒給 ~
你如此碎的愿望 ~ 很卑微 ~ 在凋谢 ~ 是我忽略你不过要的安慰 ~
这感觉 已经不对 ~ 我最后才了解 ~ 一页页不能翻阅 但情节 你好累 ~
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
你默背為我掉過几次泪 ~ 而憔悴 ~ 而我心碎你受罪你的美 ~ 我不配 ~~

thanks to han, now i can't stop thinking bout this song. PLUS oj sim keep ignoring my sms and calls thus i get even more closer feeling to this song. sigh~

for bananas those who don't understand chinese, click *here* to see the meaning of the lyrics at tee cheng's blog along with a your tube video of the song. thx tcheng ^^

Friday, December 7, 2007

rhythm + romance

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that if you go and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

The only girl I care about has gone away

Looking for a brand-new start
But little does she know that when she left that day

Along with her she took my heart

Rain please tell me now does that seem fair

For her to steal my heart away when she don't care

I can't love another when my heart's somewhere far away

The only girl I care about has gone away

Looking for a brand-new start

But little does she know that when she left that day

Along with her she took my heart

Rain won't you tell her that I love her so

Please as the sun has set her heart aglow

Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

Telling me just what a fool I've been

I wish that if you go and let me cry in vain

And let me be alone again

Oh, listen to the falling rain

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter ohhhh...

it has been raining for more then 24 hrs, hence this song came to my mind when i wake up this morning. another thing also came to my mind -- i wanna watch enchanted T.T
note to the fella that promised to teman accompany me watch : if u ffk, u will be prosecuted =)

haha! y did i mention things like prosecuting? -___- must be the effect of the series i'm currently watching.

so what am i watching?
never heard of it before? those from chinese schools sure heard of it. maybe a poster of it could clear minds.

yea it is a historical series talking bout nothing but china history. well, it is interesting to me.
and it has 84 episodes ^^so imagine 84 hours of china history lessons... at least it is much more interesting that SOME OTHER places's history that i tried to learn in form 4 & 5.

i watched this movie once before back in primary school and it was in VIDEO TAPES. i still rmb shifting 84 tapes in two big boxes. HAHA. i loved the show and i find its contents super meaningful. since i've forgotten a huge chunk of it, so i borrowed it once i heard that my aunt got it now in DVD form ^^

i tought this movie might make me not so emo since no lovey-dovey stuffs in there that might remind me of things and will unleash my emo-ness and all. but nevertheless, i still fell emo at the tought that i wanna watch enchanted and nobody can teman accompany. ARGH !!~

nvm la. sigh~~ fated. if they really stop screening it before i get to watch it, i'll turn to the other obvious alternative.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

giant mascot party

was at genting yesterday working as mascot escort for giant mascot party.

the numbers of mascots were crazy thus the mascots went crazy thus the crowd went crazy too.
we have more than 20 mascots there so u can imagine the how crazy happy the kids were. we enjoyed ourselves too ^^. coz all mascots were "fighting" each other and its so happy to see such a harmony world [wtf am i saying? -___- ]

the highlight of the event was:

  • a&w bear doing "drunk kungfu" [zui kuen]
  • milo tin trying to breakdance
  • and lots more funny stuffs
the job was another happy job as usual and we surely enjoyed ourselves =)

after the job, its shopping time ^^. dude, johwyn and mingkee shopped at genting but got nothing. as we tought of chilling out a while to rest our legs, we saw brian leong there. so he joined us for a yum cha session @ coffee bean and i learned some stuffs i can not learn anywhere else from them [HAHA!].

unsatisfied by the shopping at genting, we went down hill and took dude's kancil chai from kepong lrt and continued our shopping at one u. dude bought most stuffs he wanted to buy but he can't get his darling white converse shoe size 9 which he saw in genting and dun dare to buy. thus emoness overwhelms him. how to cheer him up? BIG APPLE DONUTS ^^ [wait. isn't that for making ME happy? nvm]. ordered 6 pcs [i wish we ordered more] and finish it damn fast.

then i got a call from that oj sim fella and he say he is coming back pj for some reason. so he will pick me up from one u when he reach pj bout 11. dude was so kind to offer to teman accompany me wait till that time [HAHA! again].

walking around, i got myself a notebook and a pen that can fit into the notebook's rings and a childish pencilbox to put my makeups =)
and i looked and compare both w580i and w910i and i still think its best if w910i have white color.

to kill the rest of the time, we went to catch a movie -- mad detective. overall its okay. but i think they should have gave us more suspense. nvm that.

so oj sim picked me up after that and went yum cha with his freids at the "farewell" then ah ga sent me home.

p/s : my bluetooth device not working thus no pics. will try to steal from ppl and post it up

Sunday, December 2, 2007

football + new resolution

*Oj : Just back from Bukit Jalil watching HK Stars vs MAS Stars - 5-4 with MK

actually we watched TWO matches...

i.) singapore-all-stars vs indonesia-all-stars
ii.) hong kong-all-stars vs malaysia-all-stars

Results :
  1. Hong Kong
  2. Malaysia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Singapore

hong kong team included ah lek kor danny chan, wong yat wah and other famous stars. obviously they are the most popular team as cheering were loud enough even when they were merely outside warming up -___-

it was quite enjoyable though, watching football LIVE and so near. As oj says "we sit here can help them pick up the ball" =.="
but of course we never pick any ball up. and we were conned to buy super expensive drinks and corn in cup.

its the last night oj will be in kl for the next 3 months. he will be off to klang to sell shop lots and will be staying at his grandpa's and his grandpa will fetch him to work every morning *LOL* .

and as most of u know, i'm damn attention seeking and i don't like oj sim to be so far from me [yes it is very far]. so if anyone would like to do him a favor can ask me out and make sure i don't stay at home and starting to get emo and call him to release my emo-ness in my own attention seeking way.

btw, if u read my blog often enough u might realize i've changed the way i blog. i'm trying to make my blog entries more "essay-ish" to help improve my sentence constructing and in the mean time i will also try my very best to reduce typo aka spelling errors. undeniably, my spelling is bad. plus i'm careless thus it makes my typing even more errors.

i wanna make my current holidays more worthwhile and i wanna change away all my bad attitudes things in me. i mean it.
  • i wanna stop being emo so easily and spoil everybody's mood all the time.
  • i wanna be a more useful person by improving my skills.
  • i wanna have better time management.
  • i wanna learn how to think of ppl's feelings before i start to emo and making other ppl emo along.
the list might go on, but i seriously wanna improve myself this holidays. oh yea, not forgetting
  • i wanna have better fashion sense ^^
  • i wanna clean my wardrobe and just fill it with the clothes i will wear =)
haha. thats all i guess. its a very long pictureless entry.
congrats to those who manage to read till the last sentence ^^