Saturday, September 25, 2010

internet connection finally :):):)

feel so lifeless without internet. like totally out of the world lidat.
so i got myself a maxis broadband stick. rm38 for first 5 mths and rm48 after that.

life sux so bad recently that its not easy to deal with. i tried having a blog then enable me to lock up some entries that is not suitable for some eyes but u''m too lazy to move my nuffnang and allother things over. so i guess that blog is now abandoned.

my life now is all about work. and work and more work. i even have to move dancing time to work. i keep wondering is all the effort worth it coz witth all the hardwork i put in, will kena shoot everysingle day also.

but i guess life is like that. i have no idea wat God planned for me and i fear the unknown.

i know this post isdamn stupid and random but i'm going to post it up anyway, just so ppl know i'm still alive.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

erm ...

so wat exactly is the point?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

i actually missed blogging.

yes i do.
i wanna write a long long post talking bout nothing and posting lots and lots of pictures  up just for the fun of it.
i wanna rant a long long post and then post it up to make myself feel better.
i wanna post a blog post full of nice nice pics and not just post  them up in fb's photo album.

so many things i wanna do, so little time.

i want my life back. i wanna go back to the time where i can club all nighht long and go college tthe next day.
i want to stay in library and chit chat study with my friend till late at night and end our studying session with a ramli burger.
i wanna go h2o randomly when itst studying time just as an excuse to get a break from books.
i wanna enjoy my life and feel young and have the energy to yum cha at night despite of a whole day of working.

but this is no longer my life.

i am now a Office Lady. this position needs commitment. very high commitment.
commitment so high that i'm not sure if i can do it.

i get tired so often nnowadays that even clubbing does not seem to be interesting anymore.
yumcha session will often be rejected coz i'd rather stay at home looking at the ceiling.
i just feel like staying at home, once i'm out of office.

thats the life of a working adult? or thats part and parcel of growing up?

i don't know ...