Monday, June 30, 2008

melbourne II

day two at melb already i can't tahan wanna go shop. haha.

mingkee ready for shopping ^^ [see the SALE word behind? haha.]

on the way, a big poodle came and kao up to me. lol.

i've never seen a so big poodle in malaysia before but this poodle is so well trained. its outside the restaurant waiting for its owner to finish their meal as the big poodle is obviously not allowed into the restaurant. haha.

got things as souvenirs :):):)

and as i leave the building, i saw


so happy. rainbow, stars and NICE food always makes me happy. haha. and i got quite a lot of nice food as well ^^

can't wait for tmr :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

melbourne I

i'm in melbourne now :)

its winter here and i'm freezing. haha.even the trees frozed to death. i think its dead but my sis insist that its only hibernating -___-

houses here are damn nice and the surroundings here is damn peaceful ^^not bad for a retirement place. haha.

mingkee in melbourne :)

went for dim sum this morning. i still prefer malaysia's dim sum coz they got no salad prawn here.

i found one damn nice food.

i wanna try all the flavors before i go back malaysia and i'll do a review of it. k.

connection here damn slow. summore pics uploading very slow. will blog more when i have a better internet k.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

langkawi trip pre-boarding post

back from langkawi d :)

best thing i got from langkawi

haha ^^ nice leh. duty free de. watever the F. i know.
got one liquor also. brand? D.O.M haha. for my aunt.

ok. enough crap. we took damn lots pics for the 3 days 2 nights trip. my comera got 400+ pics. eng yoong's camera got even more. yew koon's also more than me. xien and cindy also got camera. it will take quite some time for us to be able to collect all pics since we are on holidays liao :(

so who went with me?

:: brains ::

:: lamers ::

:: pretties ::

:: couple I ::

:: couple II ::

:: couple III ::

:: other singles :) ::

:: hairy legs to feed or scare the fishes ::

:: our bag hanger ::

haiya lazy type d.

to sum it up, here are all that went :

ok la. till here first. will update again when i collected all pics from friends :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

freedom :)

its been so damn freaking long!!!~~~

yea i'm still alive after being buried under books and shut in library for so many days. and now i'm a free person again :) yay ^^

nothing to update yet -___- only first day of holidays ma.

btw i added a column at the side there to update on my plans to remind myself and easier for those planing gathering then includes me. haha.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Selling :)

remember this?

M Player

mentioned in the M Player post

i now got hold of the supplier and i'm selling it :)

1gb - rm99
2gb - rm129

Besides, i am getting these in bulk thus i get a lower price.

ipod touch

picture from

16gb - rm1400
32gb - rm1500

ipod nano

picture from

4gb (1000 songs) - rm429

interested do msg me in msn or email me : :)

gtg study. ciao.

Monday, June 2, 2008

finals ...

my finals is so damn freaking near.
and i'm so not studying. procrastinating like mad. zzz.

so i must put into words wat i wanna do.

  1. train myself to sleep early and ALSO wake up early coz all my papers starts at 9am.
  2. study SMART.
  3. FOCUS on my papers and books and nothing else.
  4. DO NOT have the computer on unnecessarily.
  5. DO NOT believe words of those prudent ppls and tell myself its okay to not study coz everyone is slacking.


小星星亮晶晶 闪在你的眼睛里
从此走进我的心 呼风又唤雨
我愿意好愿意 双手奉上我自己
翻山越岭找到你 再也不离去

爱是我 爱是你 爱是肯定句
谁也不能阻挡我 永远守护你

日出日落黑夜白昼 时时刻刻拥在怀中
清清楚楚这感动 分秒刻印成永久
我望着你你看着我 有句话我想对你说
今生今世跟着我 做你幸福的理由 嫁给我

was at a wedding just now and i heard this song. din realise it is so touching.

it made me started to think. how will it be like to get married to someone, trusting him for the rest of your life? putting your happiness in someone's hand and all of yourself will be given to him. its so scary that we have to trust someone to that extend in marriage.

i always tell myself to not even get married, most probably influenced by those movies i watch where every single guy will be betraying their wife in someway or another, be it intentionally or not. with all these thoughts in my mind, how to trust marriage liao la?

but of coz. as a girl, i surely hope i can find someone that can really click with me, can understand me throughly, can be there for me whenever i need him, can do everything i like and quit everything i dun like, can pamper me to the max and everything any other girl will hope their boyfriend will do for them.
but does such person really exist?

they say falling in love is to give someone your heart and trust them not to break it. how true.

marriage is more than falling in love. its a responsibility greater that i as a 20 years old girl can understand. i don't know about others of my age, but i'm really affrid of marriage. coz i feel that marriage comes closely with trust, and with trust there will always be betrayal.

why is there no more simple love in this world?