Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my new props

my mummy went to singapore. i tot since she is on a shopping trip to singapore, she will return with bags from GUESS, GUCCI or watsoever, but she came back with herbs and kitchen utensils. true housewife -___- just when i tot she got nothing for me, she took out this and gave me with a happy face.
haha!! i appreciate it anyway mummy, i know its the thought that counts. but i can't stop laughing. LOL.

btw, went one u today. due to the VERY low in cash situation i'm in, i did not shop much.
i got myself

a new OXFORD GRAD doll
coz i lost my old one ^.^"

hopefully this doll will let me pass all my exams with superb grades and enable me to get into oxford uni ;)


a new hp strap

i LOOOOVE the rainbow color ^^ ~~~
i was eyeing on a strap like this since form 5 when i saw it in central market when i was walking around. after so long, finally it came to me ^^ its actually an anklet, but i transformed it into :

not bad huh ^.^v

Sunday, January 27, 2008

new skin ... again ...

tired of my previous laggy skin, so i decided to change it to the most basic layout.

i still miss my old skin, but since my blog now can load so much faster, i'm happy with it la. sumore previous blogskin cannot see older post. now this one can. haha.

hope u guys like it too ^^

Saturday, January 26, 2008

pressie from sis ^^

i think i slept too much and i had LOTS of weird dreams last night.

but when i was awaken by the doorbell,
i turned from a sick mourning kid to a happy kid i'm happy

postman gave me this

that belongs to

ME !!~~

wat could it be inside? w910i? yea i know ... i'm still dreaming -___-

okok, back to reality.

this is wat i see when i open it ^^

first pack in the pack,

of course i'm good. i'm tan mingkee okay ^^

next inside the diva pack,

muahahaha ~~
FOUR hairbands THREE necklace and TWO earings of coz two la, if not how to wear? -___-

i'm a star in someone's life ^^

one for my 'another' sister. haha!

how to make mingkee really happy??
easy. give her nice FOOD !!~~

snickers pods and coco pops. *drools* just give me this two things and i'm already very happy ^^


two POLO tee to pass to my cousin. of coz its not mine. this actually have the tag POLO by ralph lauren and the price tag says its AU$99.95. haha!



imitating dude's "yau mou ??!!!~"

WHOA!!~~~ was looking for a white long purse. luckily i never buy in pyramid that day.

can u imagine mow hyped i am by now?

and there is more !!~

little miss stickers ^^ i'm going to hang it on my wall ^^

and lastly,


nvm, i know we are never good at drawing.

cat. know why she thinks cat resembles me? ask marco yap. neko chan.

G~L~A~M~O~R~O~U~S~ i'm singing the song.

and she also included some CNY card for my aunties which need not to be mentioned. haha.

loving my sis and smiling ,

Friday, January 25, 2008

ruums ~

went ruums to survey the place before going with jay chou *roll eyes*
sorry but i'm really lazy to type or explain.

:: ivan ng ::

:: cheam & shien ::

Sunday, January 20, 2008

pictures ~

went to few outings but did a lot of camwhoring =)

jess's birthday

:: birthday girl ^^ ::

:: mkee ^^ mhui ::

:: moon ^^ mkee ::

:: mkee ^^ julie ::

:: cheam ^^ mkee ::

we're reunited =)