Tuesday, September 30, 2008

holidays ~

i'm on holidays. guess wat is beside me all the time?


wat else?

food la ;)

mexican chicken chop that i loved.
its damn cheap okay. rm6 per set. where to find so cheap chicken chop nowadays???


i got two more ultramans.
i got it at sg wang for rm8.90 only!!!
and those ultraman b4 this, i got at mid valley for rm19.90 !!!
the mid valley vendor dman guo fen lo okay. grrrr.

nvm. will post bout my tokidoki and ultraman stuffs soon ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Garden Affair -- after :)

after the dinner, wat else? open dance floor larh ^^
but all busy dancing. nobody take pic. haha.

wateverla. jsut look at the pics la k ;)

:: mk ^^ dude ::

oj came after that :)

we're cute i know. lol.

girls :):):)

we're in love with our medals ^^v

kenny and helen came to support :):):)

after that, steven's ^^

p.s. we're not camwhores. haha.

The Garden Affair :)

a post to thank those who came.
i seriously appreciate your attendance, especially those who stay till the end. sayangs :*

the leng luis, my zi muis :):):)

papa & mama bear :)

opening ...

my friends getting excited with condoms. lol.

pretty china girl performing ;)

yeng guys performing ;)

we all ♥ Rotract ^^

--no comments--

and posing starts ...


pole dancing

if u check out my blog frequent enough, u qould have reliase the two pole dancing pic in the two previous post.

the first one of joe, i posted to "encourage" him. then he ask me to teach him how to use mobile blogging. so i taught him. then suddenly when i'm doing watever i was told todo, i saw him with my hp in his hand and a smirk on his face. then i realise.




he posted a post ony ME as well -___-

since pics are up, i'll post the rest of the pics i have ;)

GOssip actually organized this Fitness pole dancing thing open for all. thus, to test our fitness, we all went.

i shall not post names. u all can guess if u know the person. haha.

btw pole dancing is damn hard. we were only asked to do the basic steps and we are already strugging not to mention the guys hurting their kkb. hahaha.

p.s. next post will be on garden affair's actual event and after event pics so stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sexy mk!

So sexy! :p
p.s. : posted by joe

55 55!!!

Go joe ;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

calander girls @ garden affair ^^

introducing ...

, May, June -- our Calander Girls ;)

catch them in action:

yodeleigh yodelei yoohoo ~~

they are S-E-X-Y :)

they are H-O-T ~~

they are super H-O-T ~~

they are our calander girls ;)

p.s. : vidoe still with xien. hahaha.

mingkee is now 47kg.

so damn freaking busy -___-

tiny updates on everything and i'll post details one by one later :)

1. my sis is back ;)

with damn lots tokidoki stuffs + krispy kreme for us. haha. happy to have her back.

2. congrats to biao ge ;)

finally u get yourself a wife. now the line can really start moving already. hahaha.

3. blood donation campaign at tian hou gong this morning.
[no pic.]
coz too busy and sleepy to be taking pics.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess wat i'm doing here? Waiting outside while my mum and Oj sim go get my sis's cargo stuffs from the cargo dept at the airport.
And why am i not allowed in? Because the need black and white. Can u belive it? Our county is actually asking for black and white for official stuffs.
Not money can settle everything meh? Dun worry.. They did not forget the money part. Each person going in have to pay rm10 to get a temporary pass to go in. And their rough estimate is that they will need more than 2hours inside. And it is 51℃ here. Imagine..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

^^ mingkee ☆ w910 white :):):)

finally, i got it.

thx to dearest oj sim ^.^

the same night i got myself a caterpillar bag for the new white w910 sayang. coincidence?

so now what shall i do with the black w910?
i'm willing to sell the phone at rm600. interested pls contact me. haha.

another good news,

ph is safe and sound at india already :)

study hard there k? will miss u much.