Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Confused Situation Indeed

i think CSI is sorta ruining my life.

i'm those tv show freaks that once i started a series, i can stop all other activities - including sleep and eat - just to finish that series off. and for CSI, i started with CSI:LV Season 1. and its already Season 10 now and each season have 20-25 episodes.

i'm now sleeping at 3-4am everyday just because of CSI. and the next day i have to wake up 8am to work. i dun feel like going out yum cha, dun feel like going dinners, don't feel like doing the necessary thing just because i'm watching CSI. i sometimes even don't reply msn messages because i'm watching CSI.

i'm currently at season 3 episode 3 and i think i should stop this CSI craze for at least one week. because it is directly affecting my life. my work and everything else. i feel sleepy all the time except for the time i'm watching CSI. i strain my eyes in front of computer just for CSI. heck i'm even not updating my blog even though i've got interesting things to say just because i'm still watching CSI.

Should i stop this CSI craze?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Time wait for no men.

time flies. years passed. but memories stays ...

i suddenly feel old. i'm almost 22 already. freaking 22 then it will be 23 24 25 ... then 30 FML

life wasn't easy but at least i survived.

Thank God for the present :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i don't think i know how to blog anymore. its a really weird feeling. is like one day u wake up and u suddenly dunno how to speak english. sure u can read and understand; but u just dunno how to speak. or rather, don't feel like speaking.

i think my ignorance is gettting so strong that its now laziness level 8 -.- i just "don't feel like doing anything". driving, walking, reading, typing ... i just wanna sit there and watch CSI everyday every hour every minute every second. heck now i don't even feel like typing anymore -.-

Saturday, January 2, 2010

W day

today i saw a scene.
the aunty poured some leftover rice onto the road and a rat came out of nowhere and started eating happily. then came 4 crows. the rice aunty poured out was surely scatted enough for all 5 of them to eat without stepping on each other's tails literally, but i dunno why, the crows decided to disturd the rat non-stop. they surrounded the rat and the crow nearest to the rat's long tail will peck his tail. poor rat just wanna have his meal but kena disturd. the rat din evem bother to attack back. it just move away its tail frightened and continue eating. but thr crows keep doing that and the rat decided to give the crows a rest so it ran into the drain. then the crows flew away. soon enough, the rat came out and continue enjoying its 'meal'.

 i dunno why but this scene is so stuck to my mind i keep thinking of it so i need to let it out -.-

went Broga Hill this morning so many weird ppl was there.

when we were on our way 'hiking' one fella had his mp3 on so damn loud and all songs he played sounded like some funeral song and it annoys the hell out of me. mind u, it was 5am. ok so we let that fella and his gang go first but some how far far away also i can hear his mp3 playing. maybe he brought portable speakers i dunno. ok then maybe we r already one peak behind him and i'm back to be happily surrounded by the sound of mother nature :)

then we reach the 3rd (last) peak for the hike. guess wat? at a surface not even big enough to accommodate all hikers, there were inconsiderate ppl so inconsiderate that the built 2 BIG camps there -.- the two camps covered all the space ppl can stand to see sunrise -.- bumis are bumis.
all of use were so pissed that some of us just cross over their camp and stand there pretending we will be waiting for our sunrise there.  i super feel like just stepping on their camps actually but i tahan-ed -.-

then i heard songs again. this time, its the song "apologize". an followed by some other clubbing songs -.- what an ambiance to wait for the sunrise.

ok so sun come out and we took pics. then we go for din sum.
i ordered some fried things and i ask the waiter for mayonnaise [pointing at one of the fried items]. he replied:"this thing dun come with mayonnaise." and he walked away -_-

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 ;)

hope the year will be a sweet sweet year for all of u ;)