Thursday, February 28, 2008

my childhood

1.) my first close up experience with camera :)

[i feel i look damn cute ^^]

mk: "whats that on yur hand?? can eat wan ah?? "

2.) ml & mk's typical fighting scene

mk:"when i'm hungry, i'm emo ..."
ml : "boohoo ... cry baby wanna eat again ..."

***after mummy's interfere ***

ml :" i joking teese oni ma ..."
mk :"boohoo ... cry baby ..."

ml :"i'm only holding your hand coz mum asked me to."
mk :"i'm only smiling coz mum ask me to."

^^ the happy family ^^

Monday, February 25, 2008

mcky ^^


i'm really happy today
like.. REALLY happy


i got new stuffs again ... hahaha ...

let me intro u to my new darling :

no. not panghan. is the cap on his head.

mcky cap ^^

there is a long story to tell bout this cap.
one day i went all the way to pyramid just to buy this cap. coz i was thinking bout it non stop. but, when i reach there. it was no longer selling the cap. how heartbreaking for me. emo-ed the whole day.
then yesterday, panghan sayang went mid valley. he tot of emo me + the cap. so he called and ask me to describe the cap. then he got me that cap!!! as my belated birthday present. haha.

and today i went pyramid and got myself new shorts ^^

i've not wear shorts that much since the serious fall. but after i see this piece, i promise i will wear it often ^^ tsk tsk ...

and next,

i wanted to buy the outside piece only but the shopkeeper told me the two pcs are sold together, at rm18.90 only ^^ so i just get it only lah ~

i'm afraid i'm slowly turning into a shopaholic :(
i dun wan to be wasting so much of my hp funds on buying these stuffs. sigh.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

baby mingkee ^^

i'm scanning all my family's old pictures into my computer and make softcopy of them. coz i'm afraid that the colour of the pictures will fade to a very unrecognisable state.

one of my favourites :

nobody knows why we are posing UNDER the bike. must be my mum's idea. ahahaha.
my mum's favourite pic too. she tell me the reasons she like it.

  1. the pant we wearing is easy to wash and dries fast. [ wtf? ]
  2. out hair is very easy to manage that time. [unlike my hair now that keeps falling everywhere i go and she is damn tired of picking it up.]
  3. our pose is funny. [thanks to her la !! tsk tsk ... ]
  4. we share things. [don't we still shares things? i think we do ^^ ]
and more funny and unreasonable reasons that i feel really dumb to mention.

btw i warned my sister. she better be nice to me or all her not-so-nice pics will be up on her wedding day or anyday which i decides. lol.

will post up more when i've decide how nice i should be. hahaha.

Friday, February 22, 2008

no jay :(

i've just accepted the fact that i'm not going to jay's concert. Photobucket


due to a lot of factors.

it started with me wanting to join myjaysian together at the concert. but since they are buying the most expensive tickets @ rm398, i don't have that much cash if me even after 10% discount. and the ticket buying closed.

then oj sim say he would go with me to the concert, and he booked rm98 tix from his friend. but then i know that maxis one card member got 10% disc and he is a card member. so i told him to buy from ticket counter to get the 10% off. but on the first day itself all rm98 tix was sold.

and then he say will get jay concert tix for my birthday. but we coundn't decide on which to buy so we left it alone. then, when we went to buy, rm198 rm238 tix are sold out as well. and rm168 tix is rock zone tickets. and that means we have to stand throughout whole concert and i'm short so there is only small chance for me to be able to see jay even if i stand.

and the whole thing drag till now, the concert is tmr. there is no way i'll be able to get tickets already. i gave up.

those who are going to the concert, enjoy it to the max k? ;)

while i'll go kumpul money and try to get jay's concert dvd asap =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


went pasar malam with kerk woei chyuan.
i dunno why his dad/mum have to make his name so complicated. they could easily spell it as kerk wei chuan. it is pronounced the same way also ma.

anyway, i got something really cute ^^

ta daa~~

ultraman keychain ^^

its those toy that u pull the circle below him and his hands and legs will vibrate. saw all versions of them but this is the first time i came across one with my darling swt ultraman. hence its a must for me to get it ^^
[and i must say: tq leng zai.]

and i also got myself :
a mirror

thats the nicest cover i could get as i prefer it to be simple. and i choosed this because it can stand. like this :

haha. a damn good make up mirror.

i'm a happy girl now ^^

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

learn to say NO ^^

i'm starting on a diet plan.

DIET as in starting to control and only allow healthy food into my mouth. for one week only.
any longer than one week u'll have to "pass my body first" [langkah mayat aku dulu].

i decided on starting this thing due to the fact that i've suffered flu for more than 2 months. and the doctor i went to see actually dared me into doing this and tell me he is 100% sure that i'll be good after this. after lots of thinking, i decided to try it for a week and see if it works.

i'm now

  • totally not taking any cold drinks
  • cutting down on fried and spicy food [cutting down only ya]
but i'm already feeling stressful. i cannot NOT drink cold drinks. sigh. but i really want to recover coz its really annoying having to bring tissue oround or keep asking ppl around me for tissue. so sad.

and if after one week my flu still not recovered, i'm going to skrew ask the doctor and talk to him NICELY bout it.

wish me all the best.

Monday, February 18, 2008

after so long ~

i have not abandoned my blog.
its just that i've lost count of the things i did. been to too many places and did too many things for the last week of freedom i have.
and now i'm back to college.

but i got something i really love today.

mcky top ^^

my mum say : "still sempat to be cny clothes hor?"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

fong fei kei

was ffk-ed twice within 3 days.

first round:

i was asked to meet up with my sister's friend on saturday at sg wang who is back from aussie to get some things my sister needs to pass to me @ 12pm. he is suppose to contact me with public phone since he don't have a hp here.

so bout 11am, oj sim agreed to accompany me and off we went to bukit bintang. afraid that we will be late, we even paid rm2 to use the smart tunnel. but we waited in car till 1pm, still no news from him. so we parked and started shopping around low yat.

till 5pm, we decided that he will ffk and headed back home. bout 5.30pm, my sis's friend called me, telling he he is in timessquare at that time. i told him i went back, and we decided to meet up the next day @ 1pm.

so sunday i have to wake up early again but this time kerk became the "water fish" to teman me go get the stuffs. haha.

second round:

was suppose to watch kfd today but kena ffk-ed. this is sorta expected since the invitation itself is not that sincere. but nvm la. later got ppl come my house entertain me. than i'll be a hppy girl again ^^

^^ happy cny ppl ^^ and happy schooling for all scholars ^^

Friday, February 8, 2008

gong xi fatt chai !!~~~

Happy Chinese New Year !!

hope that everyone i know will have a very ong and ang year ahead ^^

and get more ang paus and lets gamble, kay ^^

all are welcome to my house on monday on 11th feb 2008. contact me for more details.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

happy birthday to me ^^

happy birthday to tan ming kee ^^

suddenly i feel so old. sigh ~ the 2 has arrived. then suddenly my age will start with a 3 ... then ...

btw, i countdown to my birthday with my bao bei + oj + dude @ island cafe where i had my favorite cabonara there always. oj and dude each one hold one camera and thats was a big mistake because most of the pics ended up cannot make it -___-
nvm. i shall just post those that can make it wan. haha.

we started playing stacko when i arrived and we made a deal that the one who lose shall buy me a drink. and guess who is loosed? ME -___-

:: baobeis ::

then its time to cut cake ^^ two cakes for me.
lighting the candles,

:: me hyped ::
note : i'm NOT a poser -___-

and the posing + camwhoring started ^^

after we're done with the cake, the ah peks started to play chess.
and then mei played with dude, and they took forever to finish the game -___-

btw, presents from bao beis

and from ivan ng ^^

lovin' all my pressies ^^

and on the 6th itself, i went sg wang ^^

and i got myself :
shoes again

wanted someting like this for so long and finally i got it. seriously i will wear it very often, i promise ^^


a zip-it bag

my mum asked me what was it when she saw the zip as the picture above. then i tell her its a bag. but she just walk away thinking that i'm trying to be lame.

then when she saw this :

she was totally shocked o.O
she was like :
" omg !! who invented this kind of thing? wahlao. damn geng. how u do it?? ... yadda yadda yadda ... "
haha. good that the invention actually made her not realise that its a bag since i'm not suppose to buy anymore bags. but seriously, i don't have a bag this size and i need it. and i also promise i'll use it, kay ^^

Sunday, February 3, 2008

jay chou <3

my mum wake me up today. her first sentence:

"so ... when u getting married?"

"huh?" i'm half way sleeping okay

"i tot yesterday u say jay chou will propose to u? so now your husband already? getting married during chinese new year ah?"

" ...... "
early morning kena shoot. haha. but yesterday i really saw jay chou ^^

guess where i went? duh. ruums. with jess au.
and we din know we need invitation to get in. luckily eik keong's kao lui skill not bad. tsk tsk. and one of the worker gave us this :

and we got in. i LOVE the girl who gave me that. lol. she definitely made my day ^^

there were some performance going on when we went in and thank God that jay is not out yet. means we never miss anything with jay ^^

:: cheer leading ::

and then, we were asked to shout "kung-fu-dunk" non stop for them to come out. but as expected, most of us shouted "zhou-jie-lun" non stop. and i'm one of them. lol.

and they came out ^^

:: jay chou ^^ baron chen ^^ director of kfd ::

due to my height, most of my pics were mostly like that :

so i'll just post those decent ones up and any of u interested in others, feel free to ask me ^^

:: jay's signature action on stage ::

and then, for opening ceremony, a big basketball roll in ^^

see how jay is fantacised by the big basketball? lol. so cute ^^
they were to sign on the big basket ball for the launching.

then, games were played with some lucky participant.

:: jay picking contestants ::

:: jay giving out presents ::

:: contestants take the chance to take pic with jay ::
tsk tsk...

:: director talking ::

JAY in action !!~~ sooo love this video ^^ haha ...

sorry for the bad video skills but i'm short and my hands are tired -___-

then the event ended and i went to meet up with other myJAYsians [malaysia jay chou fans club].

:: myJAYsians ::

and we wanna camwhore with the big basket ball but all the pics in my camera cannot make it. haha. wait for pics from others la.
one nice pic with some of the myJAYsians :

:: mingkee ^^ suetmei ^^ devonn ^^ richmond ^^ dionn ^^ wai leng ^^ vince ::

and of course, i camwhored alone with dionn and devonn's props ^^

and jess joined me ^^

^^ we ♥ jay ^^

^^ and kung fu dunk ^^

one of the workers gave me this cap ^^ but i lost it after that coz i left it on the table. sigh. luckily still got pics of it.

in loving memory,

and i stayed to club with min yee, ivan and others ^^

:: mingkee ^^ minyee ::