Sunday, February 28, 2010

i'm sure updating frequent without editing pics :p

shopped at Sunnway pyramid and i couldn't resist spending a bomb on this:

its like the prettiest heels i've ever laid my eyes on and its consider affordable compared to others impossible heels i saw at The Gardens that i dun even dare to walk into the shop -.-

not forgetting the cutest ribbon with blings and the transparent lining that makes it easy for me to match it with any outfit for any occasion :p

Please tell me its damn niceeee~

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Bentong always reminds me of Eng Yoong. ALWAYS.

btw, i realise i'm not blogging because i'm too lazy to edit the pics so i decided that i shall just blog without editing pictures. :)

but this round to Bentong have nothing to do with Eng Yoong but for my colleague's wedding.

after stock taking at factory -- [yes its a thursday and i'm still working -.-] i went home and had a wuick bath and we set of to try our best to beat the jam -.-

we followed GPS all the way without really knowing which way we're going ... and then we reach the Sogo area which is super jam FOL -.-


so i started taking my cam out and snap.
all pics shown here is from my Lumix-Lx3 but i dunno why upload to blogger become so blur. and i'm too lazy to edit. so bah ~

then i fell in to those half-asleep mode =p until we reach our destination ;)

SJK (c) Bukit Tinggi school hall.

its not a very grand or major that sort of wedding, but rather a warm and cozy type of wedding :) but nevertheless, its a wedding everyone would remember for the happy and warm ambience.

food was good :) often its these weddings that we can taste real nice food and not the type of food that its quality will 'run' when cooked in large quantity :)

 all tasty and satisfying especially their fried rice :)

and after that, all came to my house or rather, my aunt's house to gamble & drink do what ppl usually do on CNY ;):):)

and the 25th of Febreuary ended at 4am for all of us :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new toy :)

so this baby Nico is my new toy :)

i decided digital pictures wasn't for me because the pictures are always so perfect and so photoshopped. ok la i admit its my problem i can never learn photoshop -.-

but now i think i'm liking the LOMO concept :)

its all about shooting now and think later. and their cameras capture pictures on films so u cant check back and delete and filter and watever.
its just a camera for u to take a shot of that moment and remember it as it is -- no beautifying watsoever.

so be preppared for more LOMO infos and pictures i'll be posting ;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

blah ~

another birthday passed. i can still rmb my 21st birthday party clearly :) it was such a happy moment that time that i will not forget in my entire life.

but time pass and things changed. i'm no longer the priority and no longer the apple of one's eye. plus everyone is work now so ... yea working is always the excuse.

i myself have to work on my birthday but before the, i have to sing Negaraku in  the morning before work starts today -___- FML.

after work, i had lunch with family + brian and then went home to sleep :):):)
then one u for shopping. did quite some shopping and i got my nico digi today hahaha ... will blog bout that cutie pie later. but for now, i can conclude this year's birthday in one word. dissappointing. getting scolded is the last thing i wan on my birthday.

but anyhow, life goes on. and i'm now one year oler. happy birthday to myself :)