Wednesday, January 28, 2009


since my birthday is nearing and to make everybody's life easier, i decided to set up a wishlist
* for REFERENCE only ;)

1. tokidoki-Onitsuka Tiger Lawnship Sky

2. Moofia Mirror Mints

3. Samsung F480
am getting htc diamond instead :)

thank you very much for your attention ;)

p.s. this list will be updated from time to time :):):)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I can't believe it.

This is wat we're doing on the first day of Cny..

happy 牛 year :):):)

i think i'm seeing this "happy 牛 year " this so often is getting sick.

thus, let me rephrase.
happy 财神 year ;)

财神到 财神到 财神到我家大门口 :):):)
maybe if it will be better if 财神住在我家. hahaha. i'm so selfish i dun care.

i've nothing to blog bout CNY. so i'll post belated stuffs.

went toNZX that day with dude and oj after tropicana city.

we shopped around and we decided to eat here.

but too bad Full House full house liao geddit geddit? hahaha.
so we just took some pics outside.

i find this maniqueen quite scary,. they should at least put on a wig for her -___-

so we proceeded to find other place to eat as we were starving already.
we choosed this steamboat shop.

the process to dine in this shop is:

1. choose a set and a soup base from the menu.

don't forget your drink ;)

2. then go pick the sauce(s) u want to eat with the food u're going to cook.

3. camwhore while waiting for food to arrive.

after food arrives,

4. set the temperature to as high as possible to make the soup boil . hahaha.

5. eat and camwhore all u want :):):)

6. finally, add watever sauce u have to watever mee u have left. then mix them to get a watever mee.

p.s. : not much details give here coz the food is not nice. very disappointing in fact. luckily didn't order much.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daily Fresh

after job street, i'm feeling emo :/

coz i realise i did not do good enough in my degree.

plus, my printer last minute no ink, i can only manage to print 7 copies of resume.
and totally no news from amy of the company till now. except for those insurance company -.-

thus i can now conclude that the best thing i got from the job fair is :

none other than this packet of chilli cheese corntoz. my fav. yumm~

see i'm happy again.

btw, beside me is dude. he was my 观音兵 for the day. haha.
sorry i bored u out that day dudey ^^

then we proceed to tropicana city with oj sim after the return of the correct nissan sunny. hahahha.

and we came to this shop.

its menu attracted me ;)

the waffle look damn nice okay!!!
so many flavor. i mean, even the waffle got flavor k. see also feel happy lo.

i ordered blueberry ^^

and their cool ice kimo ;)


not forgetting their corn in cup with variety of flavors ;):):)

::: rasin ::: garlic cheese ::: fancy mayo :::
i soooo wanna try all~~

oj eating MY waffle. their's finish too fast and i tak sempat take pic. so ask him hold mine to let me take pic. hehehe.

thats MY drink. also borrow him pose only.

thats me. both my food and drinks other ppl holding. zzz.

i'm happily eating my waffle again.

i will surely come back for moreeeee~~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i think a lot, i know.

some famous ppl once say and i quote,

"Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you at your own estimate."

but sometimes, i feel thinking too highly of yourself will eventually make u loose a lot of learning opportunities. nobody will, or rather they can't and they won't, correct things u did wrong. neither will they wanna even talk bout it.

if u r at managerial level, your subordinates will just continue kissing your shoes even if u did wrong. and they will let u think as highly of yourself as u want, but remember :
"Men think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world; whereas nothing rises quicker than dust, straw, and feathers."

i admit i am one of those who thinks a lot. especially when it comes to relationship wise.
but i surely hope i'm not one of those who thinks too highly of myself. i'm still young and i still got lots to learn. i don't wan any arrogance to be the obstacle for me to learn of grow. so if i'm thinking too highly of myself, please remind me if u consider yourself as a friend of mine.

othe women are born to think a lot and they tend to make simple things complicated. and i never dare to deny that. because i saw the 3 pics below.

*click on picture for larger view :):):)

thank God if u're a man.

Monday, January 19, 2009

its all about creativity.

they are so cute they make chrysanthemum look like some cutie pie that is much better than rose.
good idea for valentine's day ;):):)

Friday, January 16, 2009

first week of work.

it wasn't as hectic and challenging as i thought it would be.
this company is rushing hampers for CNY and since i'm under cost accounting dept, i've nth much to do besides analyzing the Christmas Sales.

thats why i din update my blog.
[i'm serious la dude.]

things seems to be getting better compare to the first day, and hopefully it will continue getting better.

i've finally learn how to treasure weekends.
i've finally learn how to treasure my sleeping time.
i've finally learn how to grab a bite for breakfast before going to work to avoid starving.
i've finally learn how to be ON TIME.
i've finally learn how to listen to watever your boss say.

and i believe i will be learning more :):):)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

kids nowadays ...

are seriously good in posing.

and camwhoring.

when i wann ateach them how to play poker,

they reply :"i teach u better la~"

they can seriously learn very fast,

and their parents keep teaching them :):):)

and the girls ...

won't layan guys so easily.


Monday, January 12, 2009

back from first day of work.

working was not as bad as i thought. maybe because my computer plug point spoil d and i dun have com to use so i don;t have much to do on my first day ;):):)

but i wanna thank all my friends who gave me blessings for my first day of work.

especially mellaine girl.
mellaine girl u dunno how touch i was to see your sms this morning. it just shows that u still care for me, like how inseparable we were in high school those days. i still miss combing your hand. hahaha. u know wat i mean. i miss u so muchie, when can i see u???

however, its just my first day of work. i have got so much more to learn and learn and learn.
just hope i wont make any major mistakes during my 6 months probation period.
i can do it :):):)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


i'm in a bad mood and i wanna rant.

before i rant, let me wish my dearest cousin:
cheng wai shan a very very very happy birthday :)

ok. back to ranting.
first was at the clinic where i have accompanied my sis for medical checkup for her new job.
the nurse at the reception counter that it suppose to be the most polite one, is ridiculously rude.
my sis politely ask

"Cik, boleh saya keluar beli air sekejap?"
"Mana nak beli air??!"
"Itu kedai di luar sana"
"Itu kedai mana ada buka?!"
it was damn loud and rude seriously. then after my sis went in to see the doctor, she told me we can leave d and as we pass by the counter she said "terima kasih" to the nurse. she replied.
"Eh nak pergi mana tu?"
"Doctor kata saya sudah boleh balik."
"Saya tak kata u boleh balik u tak boleh balik la."

then she went into her office. took an envelope out. shout my sis's name. and say

"nah sekarang u bolek balik laaa"
the tone is exactly like the LC way those minister and police in our country talk u know what i mean.

speaking of police. there is this new "rumored rule" in our country that for every saman police hand in, it shows that they never rasuah. they will get rm100. no wonder they are setting up road blocks EVERYWHERE. and trying thier so very best to pick on u and try to find some way to saman u.

it also means that, any bribe aka rasuah below rm100 given the police will not layan coz he rather saman u and get rm100 from the taxpayers. hahaha.

watever, i know i am just not satisfied with everything.


its been quite sometime that i willingly camwhore and put up my pics coz i ate abit too much and now everyone is discussing how fat am i now.

but but but ...
i changed my hairstyle.
after searching high and low, far and wide for an angle that wont make me look so fat,

its taken by a 5mp webcam. i dunno y is the picture quality like that. maybe skill problem. hahaha. watever.

p.s. dun say that i look like aunty. i already know :/ if wanna laugh then just laugh in your heart k.

Friday, January 9, 2009

bitterness @ mid valley.

its just another day, i had an interview to attend at bulevard. and meiyee munyee & vivi also wanna go mid valley. and alexiss also working there. and i saw yan yan and kimmy there ;)

i dun really fancy shopping at mid valley coz:

1. i dun like their parking.
2. they sell this super expensive [rmb my ultraman?]
3. they sell they sell the same stuffs with any other malls.
ok. watever.

so dude as brainless as usual wanna go try out the yuckiest drink in whole mid valley.

bitter gourd + celery + beetroot.

he wanna drink beside the rubbish bin coz he is afraid that he will puke after drinking it.

randomly and coincidently, he met his relative.

and he ask the poor little nephew of his to try out the drink first.

one sip and this is the happiest face he can give us.

and dude not wanting to waste his rm4.20, finished it.


at random,

henessy X.O. limited edition. --- with blings on it ;):):)

watched IP man after that and find it really nice. go watch if u haven't watch.

signing off,

Sunday, January 4, 2009


recently, me, tan ming kee:

1. took sticker photo with oj sim :)

but it turns out that we went to a card printing machine and not sticker printing machine -_-

2. countdown to christmas at Quartto's entrance

and started christmas day by arguing and shouting >.<

3. drank tiger+red wine+chivas total bout 500ml altogether in one go

and puked like i never puke before.

4. got a new friend that totally made me say: "kids nowadays ..."

5. countdown to 2009 in Sinma as emcee for their countdown event

with a bunch of pretty girls.

6. went putrajaya for first CNY dinner with Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak ;):):)

7. trying my best to ruin dude's market value.

8. starting work on 12th jan in Leong Hup Group -- Bakers Cottage as Cost Accounting MT.

times passes by so fast i can hardly recall wat i do each and everyday.
how i hope time can turn back to those days when all we need to worry bout is being late and winning inter class drama competitions.

its time to lock away the child inside me.