Saturday, October 27, 2007

random trips ~

important note to all :

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thurs ...
fetched oj and went to mei house to ...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket go for our long awaited makan trip to 223 !!~~~

haha ....
while waiting for dude and ph was playing with dodo
and we suspect she ate her dear HAMSter friend also staying in mei's house o.O
and she loves socks ... lol ...

nvm that ... imporatant parts ^^
so we went 222 with a box of donut from dudey~
those who went ...

:: not couple ::

:: wannabe couple ::

:: couple ::

our food :

nasi lemak

roti banjir

sirap bandung + masi lemak + otak otak

telur setengah masak

spot the wierd food

ph yk and dude
we all ate like pigs ...

eat and chat and eat and chat ...
suddenly ...
we are at
PARIS !!~~





no la ... its genting actually ^.^" ...

@ 222 ...
dude talked bout his rm500 voucher that is expiring soon ...
and randomly i say : "let go use it now la ~"
and the table starts to get excited and panicky ... lol ...

mei is the one panicking coz she have lecture from 8am to 12 pm the next day ...
others were excited ^^

and as usual ~~ majority wins ...
sorry mei i still sayang u k ^^

lol ...
so up we went in yk's car ...
the first thing we saw ...

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:: the alien ::

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:: all of us ^^ ::

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:: cuties + nice ambience ^^ ::

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:: wannabe couple ::

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:: first thing we did when we got into the room ... ::

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coz we have 6 jugs to finish !!~~

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:: we were testing on the smile shutter ^^ ::

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after 3 hrs of singing and drinking ...
we i saw a bunch of weirdos asking for watever ... lol ...

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and they soon gone camwhoring ...

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:: i seriously dunno them =.= ::

tired ... we went back ...
the next day mei actually went for her 8am class ... lolz ...

p.s. sorry eric din ask u along ... dun emo k ...

malaysia boleh ~

mei tell me one australia press wrote an article bout malaysia ~
i was so happy that we finally are significant enough for ppl to mention us ^^

but when i read the link ...
my reaction was o.O
total disappointment ...

should've known ...
if its not bout food ...
there is not much nice thing to write bout boleh-land -____-

highlights :

1. It certainly wasn't that there was an office shortage in Kuala Lumpur when KLCC is built.
2. $RM95 million ($A34.3 million), to be footed by Malaysian taxpayers for the space taxi.

" But, like Nero fiddling while Rome burned, the Malaysian Government is more interested in stunts like sending a Malaysian into space when Malaysia's inadequate schools could have done with the cash, and arguing about wealth distribution using transparently ridiculous statistics. "
and recently,
i get the feeling that its when policeman was shot dead that our government realise homocides are happening in our country.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

judiciary issue ~

its a link VERY worth watching and also very worth spreading ...

plus highlight on the comment :
Are those bottle samsu, beer bottle.
Ala .. at the end of this episod, all allegation will be denied saying - He is just practising on a tamil movie! .Case close!

and also ... druing interview bout the issue ...

our favourite minister from the PM’s department, Nazri Aziz said,
Who’s fault is that? It’s not the government’s - the fault is on Malaysians.

the response of the government thus far has been this :
shock. how can our government’s judiciary be corrupt.
no such thing because we are not corrupt.
wait, the rakyat are not happy and demand that this incident be investigated?
okay, but first we dont believe that this video is real. it could be fake. it could be people trying to set up Ahmad Fairuz cos they dont like him. it could be, gasp, opposition tactics to erode belief in the government!!! so yes we understand that this could be a serious issue, but before we investigate Lingam, Ahmad Fairuz or anyone else implicated in the video, let us first determine the authenticity of the video. let us set up a 3 man panel that will decide what to do. only when this video is deemed ‘authentic’ by the panel, then will we make the next step.

W-T-F !!~

Sunday, October 21, 2007

bryan boi

most of my friends may realise i have something for cute kids ...
especially bryan tsai who is oj's nephew ^^
he is one cutie pie !!~ and one naughty brad also ...

was web-cam-ing with oj ytr night and he came into oj's room ...
and he saw me ^^
so he keep showing oj that he knows me saying "kiiii~" while pointing at me ^^ ...
soooo cutie ~~
and he picked something from the table
so i reach out my hand and he tried to give me thru the monitor [the place my face appears] ... haha ...

u will be great someday bryan boy ^^ love ya ~~

Saturday, October 20, 2007

begining of battle ~

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finals is 15 days away!!~~

omg ... i have 5 subjects to study ==> 3 days for each subject ...
not taking into accounting the time i sleep eat lectures tutorials and MSNISC -___-

i'm going to study my ass off and play my ass off [luckily i got TWO ass] after 15th nov ~

wish me all the best ppl ^^

i wanna do really well this time Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, October 19, 2007

seven ~

this tag is sooo hard ...
coz i ususlly just say out anything i'm thinking -___-
but since i'm tagged by 2 ppl ...
i think i shud do it ...

List seven things that you want to say to people but never will. Don't say who they are

1. i just wanna be ME okay
2. i've already tried my best
3. i will get wat i want if i want it bad enough nomatter how
4. i really don't know wat u r thinking
5. Do leave some dignity to yourself
6. i'll prove to u that i will be better than u
7. i won't lie if u understand me well enough

Seven things to be done before my death

1. shop like MAD
2. life witout worries
3. go Tokyo disneyland ^^
4. have babies ^^ and a great family ^^
5. prove myself
6. make sure my family get enough of everything
7. lrean to play one musical instrument professionally

Seven things I will not do even if it kills me

1. send my mum to old folks home [NEVER~]
2. eat bugs/insects
3. get drunk and lie on the road
4. abandon my family
5. stop eating
6. laugh at handicaps
7. be a second wife [i din say i won't be mistress ya ~]

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public.

1. blow my nose as loud as i want
2. bra-less =/
3. think of ghost and starts freaking out
4. eat with my hands
5. sing alone
6. think till far far away like mat jenin and start to emo
7. sit in ugly poses

Seven fave sentences/quotes.

1. haha
2. lol
3. wtf man -___-
4. deng u kao kao
5. really? / serious?
6. f*** it la ["mou diu" in cantonese]
7. sayang ~

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did.

1. abandon me
2. treat me like f***s when i treat u damn good
3. backstabbing me
4. hurt me on purpose
5. do things that i don't like behind my back
6. do things that i warned u not to
7. look down on my family

Seven people to tag

dun feel like tagging =/
coz this tag is damn hard -____-

p.s. click on the adverlets toyota vios designing contest on at the end of my side bar ...
its fun to paint a car ... lol ...
i submitted my vios but i can't find it -___-

Thursday, October 18, 2007


oj sim sent this to me thur msn : -



1、 女人爱等男人的电话。男人不会守着电话等你打来。别信他说什么手机没电,千万记住:如果想你了,就算没手机,他也会爬上屋顶嚷嚷,让你知道。   

2、 女人一恋爱就忍不住往终身大事上联想。男人恋爱首先不是为了谈婚论嫁,而是为了从中获得乐趣,婚姻和恋爱对他完全是两码事。  

3、 女人的爱因崇拜而生。男人的爱因性而生。   

4、 女人往往终生只爱一种男人。男人的口味时时会变。   

5、 女人得到爱情后反而不安,因为怕失去。男性得不到的时候才不安,因为渴望身体的征服。   
6、 女人总想变着法地改造男人。男人最想改变的只有两件东西,自己宝贝的大小和与日本的关系,女人永远不在改变的考虑之列,要么全盘接受,要么分手。

7、 女人总是不断求证男人的爱情,追求托付终身的感觉。男人更在乎感官和理性的决定,一旦界定两人的关系,就懒得去反复考证这种关系的正确性,而仅仅满足于感官层次。  

8、 女人担忧年华老去,绝对寿命长,有效生命短。男人相信他们在任何年龄都可以性感,绝对寿命短,有效生命长。  

9、 女人相信:男人太多,好男人太少。男人相信:美女太多,时间太少。  

10、 女人常常为尚未发生的事情担忧。男人除了担忧生育能力的消失,其他未发生事件一概无所谓。  

11、 女人喜欢谈论感情。男人不喜欢,他们更愿意谈论高尔夫,足球或车。  

12、 女人对男人不满时,常会借题发挥,无限上纲。男人喜欢就事论事,绝不会因为你洗了两个小时的澡而联想到国家水资源紧张进而联想到自己被渴死的悲惨下场从而断定你有险恶用心。  

13、 女人迷恋被追求的滋味。男人喜欢在感情中采取主动,中国的男女比例已经严重失衡,不用抢的,哪天才轮到自己?

14、 女人为情所困时,常会不断降低底线,委曲求全。男人会事先设定好底线,一旦触及,便毫不犹豫转身离开。  

15、 女人担心男人介意自己的恋爱史,其实男人很容易宽容女人的过去,因为与前任相比,他是胜利者。  

16、 女人会避免跟男性朋友上床,因为这样会把友谊和爱情搞混。男人不在乎这个。  

17、 分手了,女人很难接受与前男友再有肌肤之亲。对男人而言,同前女友做爱就像回家串门,没什么大不了。  

18、 女人犯错,愿意主动承认错误。男人死要面子,尤其当着自己女人的面,所以即使错了,也会想尽办法不承认。  

19、 女人喜欢把三姑六婆的事告诉男人。而在男人眼里,这么做只会显得你很三八。  

20、 女人爱把男友介绍给姐妹们。男人则不愿太快结识你的姊妹帮,理由很简单,你一个人看着他就够了,他可不想有更多人帮你看着他。

21、 第一次约会后,女人即使看上对方也会矜持地等待。男人如果没来电话,一定不是因为矜持,只能说明他对你不感兴趣。  

22、 女人焦虑时用倾诉来缓解。男人为了不给人留下娘娘腔的印象,只好将所有不爽的事情埋在心里。  

23、 分手时,女人往往光顾着伤心而不知道怎么分得漂漂亮亮。男人理性的思维和雄辩的口才在这时总能派上大用场,他会让你觉得分开是件不可避免而且利国利民的事情。  

24、 女人一旦爱上,就能无限给予。男人不会付出太多,这并非天性,而往往是在付出太多过后,发现没有更多了,于是停止无谓的付出。  

25、 女人表面柔弱,骨子里很坚强。男人不喜欢懦弱者,而事实上大多数男人都喜欢逃避。  

26、 女人喜欢被男人宠爱。男人也喜欢伺候女生,让她们觉得幸福,但绝不想像个奴才一样服侍娇娇公主。  

27、 女人有时用野蛮来表现个性。男人不喜欢野蛮的女人,除非她是全智贤。

28、 女人对爱充满幻想,性是爱的明证。男人对性充满幻想,恋爱不过是实现那些幻想的途径。  

29、 女人说,“你不是适合我的那类型”,她有一半的可能在说谎。男人说,“你不是适合我的那类型”,他百分之百是实话。   

30、 女人说,“我配不上你”,潜台词是,你再哄哄我我就答应你。男人说,“我配不上你”,他是真的配不上你。  

31、 女人会把朋友摆在老公、工作、电视连续剧等等之后才想起。男人更多时候需要和兄弟们在一起,商量怎么泡女人。  

32、 女人往往不相信男人说“我爱你”,于是一遍遍追问,不断求证。其实,一个成熟男人说“我爱你”的时候,他一定是真的这么想。   

33、 女人向男友借钱天经地义。只有没志气的男人才会在没钱的时候向自己的女人开口,通常他宁可找高利贷。  

34、 女人往往需要通过第三者来为自己说好话。在男人看来,自我表扬也是一种美德,尤其在心仪女人的面前。

35、 别以为卖弄风情是女人的专利。男人也爱这么干,但绝不喜欢自己的女人卖弄风情。  

36、 女人以为胸越大男人越喜欢,所以很多人去隆胸。其实男人喜欢货真价实的胸,就像喜欢货真价实的女人一样。  

37、 女人爱留长指甲,认为这样很有女人味儿。男人也喜欢你的长指甲,但记住,他绝不喜欢爪子。  

38、 女人对男人不感兴趣的时候,会说服自己多找对方的优点。男人对你不感兴趣的时候,绝对不会将就。  

39、 女人喜欢香水。男人不喜欢,因为这样很容易被自己的女人追踪。  

40、 女人喜欢珠宝。男人不喜欢,因为不愿意看着银子变成这些不管饱的东西。

41、 女人很难将情和欲分开思考。而在男人的主观认识里,阳具是一个能够独立承担责任的个体,可以与身体完全分开行事,所以,情和欲他们分得很清楚。  

42、 女人做爱需要浪漫和安全。男人随时随地都能“性”起,不管电视有多吵,床单有多脏。

43、 女人在性方面为男人考虑很多。男人在这方面却是自私的。  

44、 女人总是搞不懂,为什么无论单身与否,男人总哈A片。要知道,A片或是情色文学,往往是男人的性启蒙教材,以至于一生都无法摆脱它们的诱惑。  

45、 女人有时会以为在床上安静可以显示自己的纯洁。而男人在床上很想听到你的声音,否则他会当你睡着了,或是在跟被子做爱。  

46、 仓促做爱,会令女人难受。男人喜欢速战速决,想当初还是猴子的时候,安静地嘿咻一次可是很难得的事情。  

47、 女人很希望男人能主动使用安全套。可男人如果有选择,通常都不爱用。  

48、 接吻对女人来说,甚至比做爱更销魂。可男人其实很想省掉这个环节直入主题。  

49、 如果你们的关系从酒吧开始,通常都不会有好结果。因为男人在酒吧寻找的是床上伴侣,而不是灵魂伴侣。   

50、 当女人找到终身伴侣的时候,才会安定下来。而男人只有找到自我,并且对未来有确定认识的时候,才会决定将一生交与一个可以接受自己的女人。

some are true some are not i feel ..
but its just for reference la ...

the sentence i like best :

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


readers for this blog ...

if u dun mind ...
pls do the poll by adverlets at the quite end the right hand side of mr blog ...

u will see a tiny "refresh" sorta button there ...
click on it and do a simple 4 Q poll ... k ...
tq very very muchie ^^

Saturday, October 13, 2007

sony T70 ~

was playing with mei's sony T70 ...

check out the effects mei's new baby can do ^^

next camwhore victim ...

DODO !!~~

sigh ... she damn layan me ...
better than nth la ... haha ...

Friday, October 12, 2007

big apple donuts!!~~

went cineleisure ytr with oj sim to pick up sth for someone [will reveal soon] =)
and i smell some sort of dunkin' donuts smell when we walk pass the street ...
since i had been craving for donuts ...
we went to the information counter and ask for the location of dunkin donuts
but they say there is no dunkin donuts around :s wat did i smell?

and the they added ... but there is a big apple donut here ..
my eyes brightened ^^
haha ... and the girl at the counter even gave me coupon for the donuts ..
buy 12 free 3 *double joy *

so immediately we walk to big apple donuts @ the street [see i never smell wrongly okay] ...
and whoa ...
long queue =.= .....
abit potong la ... but oj sim already started lining up ...
and he agreed to get 12 + 3 donuts ^^ ... haha ...
while he stnad in the line ...
i browse around their donuts first and they have more than 15 flavours that i wanna try !!~~
sigh ...
mingkee pls dun be so greedy ~~

finally its our turn ^^
we ordered [not exact names bout around there la]

in correct sequence :
green tea ~ durian ~ peanut butter ~
oreo ~ almond ~ kiwi ~ sugar ~
choc ~ mango ~ banana choc ~ cheese ~
snowy ~ blueberry ~ strawberry ~ glacier ~

i heard the girl at the table next to us say
"oh .. thats a lot !!~~" when she saw our donuts -___-

b4 we eat ...
we must pose with the donuts first ^^
but all pics we took either cannot see all donuts or cannot see whole face =.=

i insisted on taking a nice shot for oj sim but his reaction was ...

faster laa~ i wanna start eating d -____-

so we started eating [but i still havent get a nice pic ~~]...
*woot woot* ...
its really nice for me but i heard donuts nicer ...

haven't had a sooo happy meal for sooo long ^^

but there are still flavours i havent try ...
so ... to oj sim :