Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a series of unfortunate events.

i think i'm stalked.
by a string of bad luck.

everything is not happening right. EVERYTHING.

my bad luck is even passing to others and causing losses.

i got the 1/1000 chance of being spotted [for a not good thing].

everything just have to be not usable the moment i need it.

and not to mention the red lights i met. 85% of the traffic lights is red for me wtf.
shouldn't it be just 33.3%? or 50% also acceptable.

and i was bitten again. not shy yet am i?

sigh~ just hope things will get better.

Monday, July 27, 2009


i'm so lazy -.-

so many events never bother to update also.

went Full house @ NZX for dinner after graduation to celebrate.
ken was hurt by a falling mortar board and had his eye brows shaved to get 3 stitches. i dun understand why he just get ti hurt himself the funniest way possible everytime we go out LOL

went to Velvet @ zouk the other day. and there was a bride-to-be having her bachelorette party there in veil and a big sandwich board to announce that she is getting married soon so all guys should get their hand off her.

2nd drinking night i went was kenny lai's birthday party happening at Opium @ Jaya One.
kenny lai is confirm drunk that night doing pole dance and all hahaha ... go ssee from my fb for more of his pics :)

tried a new reataurant QuTaiPei @ Ss2 and it actually reminds me greatly of a shop name 阳光海岸 located at Pudu where i love to hang out after school during the Amminuddin Baki days ;):):)

am now in the mist of mooncake days and gonig for a stock take this friday.

just hope that the piles and piles of mooncake won't collapse and bury me in ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

blues ...

working life wasn't as good as i tot.

when i was studyin gin college, i always think working is better than studying [especially during exam times]. i thought that i could go drink/shopping rite after work and no worries bout any tutorials/tests undone.

but its not like that.

after work, i'm too tired to go shopping/yum cha. i just feel like going home and sleep. but when i reach home i dun sleep. i'll just go eat and online till my eye cannot take it anymore. then i'll sleep.

and i think i'm getting more and more useless becoz of life like this.

at least when i'm in college, i'm learning. but at work now. i am doing repetitive things.
and that makes me feel like studying again. but looking back at my results and the struggles i went to, i dun feel like studying anymore.

what should i do? i'm confused. i dun thing i'm ready to enter the corporate world. i dun think i'm ready to agree with my boss on everything including those i think is not right. i dun think i'm ready to stop being a kid and grow up. i dun think i'm ready to not having things the way i want. i dun think i'm ready to put in charge of sth important. i dun think i'm ready to face the fact that i can't do anything right.

i dun think i'm ready to be told i'm useless.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i NEED to learn photoshop!!! sigh ~

its been so long since i last updated my blog because my i was lazy.

graduation too may pics d so decided to blog bout it next time. i realise my 'next time' is ALMOST always equal to never -.-

however, i went out ytr and took pics ;)

i brought some jellies i made :)

and i went ......




to play GOLF !!!~~

got my own golf glove summore ;)

was given 100 balls ...

play till super tired -.-

and ga's gf wore the same shirt as me hahahhahaa ....

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pyramid Day :)

been shopping one whole day today and obviously, spent a lot unnecessarily :(
was giving myself all sorts of excuses to buy things in the name of tmr's graduation ceremony -.-

i dunno wat to update but i feel like blogging now.

was thinking should i take one of those free mask i got to use?
the last time i use those masks, liquid (from the mask) flow into my eyes and its ferrzing chilling my eyeballs. then i think maybee i should have drained out those liquids before using the mask. but if i drain them out, then wats the point of the mask itself? i'm confused :s

watever la. just hope tmr will be a fine day.

signing off,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

life goes on.

gone the happy times.
its time to face the reality alone.

i'm emo.
i wanna watch ice age.
i wanna watch night in the museum.

nobody layan me.
i'm bored. zzz.

no more tvb drama to watch.
nothing to browse.

feeling so blank now.

i think i shall go play with mango now. bye.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

i'm NOT from china.

went saloon on sat.
initially it was just to accompany my mum there but the hair stylist reminded me that i've not do a single touch up to my hair for 6 MONTHS so ended up my mum have to wait for me for few hours instead -.-

i think i'm now a good mosquito killer coz i manage to kill a mosquito when my hair is still in the "steamer" with a magazine ;):):)

here's the proof:

haha so proud of myself.

those who are following me on twitter or is looking frequently at my twitter updates at the sidebar may already know i dyed my hair orange+red+dark brown.
NO not 3 different colors.
its 3 colors mixed together i couldn't tell which color is it nearer to -.-

and i cut my bangs short.
like primary school that kind of short.

my sis's reactioan was "WTH u think u still 15 years old ah -.-"

but watever, wat is done cannot be undone.

here is the new me:

Don't Laugh!!! *emo

p.s. who is going for graduatio nand who is not? and who got extra place to spare? ;)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

its another monday.

it FEELs like another monday even though its already thursday because i'm working this saturday zzz ...

i dunno wat i'm saying but i'm just bored and i just wanna blog.

so many ppl born on july i realise.

ok i can't be twitting and doing this post at the same time. i quit.

good night.