Saturday, September 25, 2010

internet connection finally :):):)

feel so lifeless without internet. like totally out of the world lidat.
so i got myself a maxis broadband stick. rm38 for first 5 mths and rm48 after that.

life sux so bad recently that its not easy to deal with. i tried having a blog then enable me to lock up some entries that is not suitable for some eyes but u''m too lazy to move my nuffnang and allother things over. so i guess that blog is now abandoned.

my life now is all about work. and work and more work. i even have to move dancing time to work. i keep wondering is all the effort worth it coz witth all the hardwork i put in, will kena shoot everysingle day also.

but i guess life is like that. i have no idea wat God planned for me and i fear the unknown.

i know this post isdamn stupid and random but i'm going to post it up anyway, just so ppl know i'm still alive.

1 comment:

  1. hahahaaa.... ur life is all about work and work and work and work?????
    I truly understand what you go trough at the moment.

    GOOD LUCK.. ngek ngek ngek..